Leslie Farms

Leslie Farms is the only large-scale strawberry farm in San Diego County that allows people to pick their own fruit. They farm 65 acres just east of I-5 at Cannon Road in Carlsbad.

Open 7 days, 1 May to end of season, usually ~1 July. 1997 prices: $2.50 for 32 ounce buckets and $5 for 83 ounce buckets. Only one section is open to the public. Paid pickers pick other sections for around 70 Vons and Ralphs in San Diego County until near the end of the season, when the fruit will be shipped to Orange County for jam production.

Schoolchildren visit nearly every day. Groups can call 431-5506 to make arrangements.

The usual reason is given as to why more pick-your-own farms don't exist: lawyers.

Source of information: SD Union-Tribune 5/8/97, B3.

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