Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa, Carlsbad

Carlsbad was named after Karlsbad, Bohemia, after a local resident declared that his well-water had the same mineral content as the famous water in Karlsbad. Thus it is only fitting that Carlsbad have a spa owned and operated by someone born in Karlsbad, now in the Czech Republic.

The Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa opened in early June, 1997 in the Alt Karlsbad building at 2802 Carlsbad Blvd at Christiansen Way, a few blocks north of Carlsbad Village Drive. The Spa will be open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday at first, and needs to work off a waiting list of 500 people. Three masseuses are currently employed.

The Spa is located at the site where a mineral springs spa operated over a century ago. The current building was constructed in the 1960s. The well was redug in 1993, and required more work to redig it than if it had been dug for the first time due to the mineral deposits. The well itself is just next to Carlsbad Blvd. on the property. The water is pumped to an expansive basement of the building.

The Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa has two rooms. The Cleopatra Room has an orange and white colored ceiling that gives it the look of a golden sunset. It has a wallpaper border that is a genuine Egyptian papyrus with beautiful Egyptian scenes. A handsomely-carved very ornate Egyptian chair sits in the corner.

The ceiling of the Caesar Room has a cloudy, blue sky. The Caesar Room has a Jacuzzi and a currently 4-jet shower, soon to be 5-jets when the right fixture is found. The gold trim, golden cherub figures, Romanesque vases and marble make this room truly stunning.

The owners, Ludwig and Veronica Grigoras, have carefully picked out each piece individually for each room, and it has come together quite well.


The mineral water is also bottled and sold.

760-434-1887. Source of information: North County Times, 4/27/97, B3, and a tour by the owners on 6/7/97. They report that over 90 articles have been published about their unique endeavor before they even opened!

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