Doris Wood Cottage Garden, Ramona

The Doris Wood Cottage Garden is at 744 Pile St. in Ramona, and open to the public on weekends and holidays from 9 a.m. to sunset. It began on June 23, 1995 after Doris Wood stopped at Darrel Cheely's house and offered him some plants. They decided to make an Engish country garden and nursery out of the grounds surrounding Darrel's house.

Visitors may wander the grounds amidst arbors and rustic fences, admiring the many landscaping designs of Doris Wood, who is 83 in 1997. She ran a small nursery in Mendocino for many years before retiring to Ramona.

A Quonset hut on the grounds will be turned into a replica of an English cottage by the end of summer, 1997.

Note added 7 May 2002: a reader told me that they had heard that this nursery was now closed. A search for "Doris Woods" in the SDUT found an obituary on 28 January 2000, but the free version doesn't give the name of the person who died. Nor are any of the survivors named "Woods". But since Doris Wood was 83 in 1997, it seems likely that this was indeed her obituary.

In any case, don't count on this nursery still being around.

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