Fallbrook, CA Sculptures

The group "Art in Public Places", part of the Fallbrook Village Association, has been responsible for the following delightful sculptures:

Picture (click to get larger picture)NumberDateLocationDescription
?May 1996Village Square The Dawning
??Village SquareBearfoot in the Park: two bears wrestling together.
33/7/98Wells Fargo Bank on Main StreetThe life-size Facts of Life, sculpted by Glenna Goodacre, became the third statue to be erected in the last two years as public art in Fallbrook. The statue was donated by Robert and Arlyne Ingold to the Art in Public Places program, and was estimated to be worth $75,000.

Glenna Goodacre lives in Santa Fe, NM, and is often commissioned to do historic and cultural pieces.

The Facts of Life began as three girls sitting poolside. One of the girls became a boy after Goodacre overheard comments from observers who thought the middle kid was a boy. She said:

I wanted them to just talk and gesture and I came up with the expression on the middle child's face and it occurred to me how funny it would be if I named it The Facts of Life. If you think about it and look at them, those girls are really telling it to him and he's just appalled at the whole idea.

The Ingolds found the statue at an art gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. They selected the area near Wells Fargo because they wanted the statue

to be in a position where people could go by and touch it, children could climb on top of it and be part of it.
4March 1999Fallbrook LibraryA bronze sculpture Fallbrook Friends, by Fallbrook artist Marsha Brook. The life-size sculpture of a woman sharing a book with a child was donated by Irv Handleman as a memorial to his late wife, Carrie, who volunteered many hours at the library.

The sculpture was cast at Artworks of Fallbrook, a full-service bronze-casting foundry / art production facility that opened in February 1996.

 58/20/99Indian Garden, Live Oak Park The plaque reads:
The Bowl by Deidre Knowlton. An extension of the gentle and gifted spirit of William Norris Fellows.
Commissioned by Wilma Flowers in memory of her husband, and funded by many contributions to the Live Oak Park Coalition. The sculpture is a bronze bowl amidst three large boulders. The bowl depicts the topography of the area and the Live Oak Park stream.

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