Fallbrook, CA Murals

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1Painted February-Mar 1997, dedicated on March 22, 1997 On back of Foli Chiropractic building. From Alvarado Street, look south across the parking lot behind the Art & Cultural Center Designed by local artist Brett Stokes. It is a gigantic portrait of a native American, the scene depicting a red tail hawk, the guardian of the Great Spirit's creation, surveying the rolling land with a stern and watchful eye. It honors the local native people whose artifacts are found throughout the area.
Angelo Lavado from Pala, a Native American spiritual leader, blessed and dedicated the mural. The mural was a team effort of Kathleen Gee, Neill Ketchum, Toni Inman and Elizabeth Yamaguchi. This mural group works without pay for the enjoyment of beautifying the town. (Ent 2/27/97, B1, and 4/10/97, A6.)
2?On the Snack Shack in the Village Square.It presents the flora and fauna of the Santa Margarita River Valley. Team effort of Kathleen Gee, Neill Ketchum, Toni Inman and Elizabeth Yamaguchi. (Ent 2/27/97, B1.)
3Summer, 1997South side of the Neeley Automotive building"Main Street, Circa 1920", painted by Jim Fahnestock. The mural was sponsored by the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club and features several vintage cars of the l920 era. The painting was a composite of several photographs provided by the Fallbrook Historical Society. (email from Shirley Fahnestock 6/3/99).
4May, 1998Main Street ShoesA giant tree celebrating the Fallbrook Treescape Project. Mural painted and designed by local artist Debbie Sievers and sponsored by the Mural Project.

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