Allinson Windmills

Allinson Windmills (760-758-0645) is one of the few suppliers of water-pumping windmills in the Western U.S. Its home is the Allinson Wonderland Ranch, located on 7.5 hillside acres on Puerto de Lomas in Bonsall. Displayed there are a number of new windmills and antique models that are 100 years old. The business consists of Mark Allinson and one part-time employee.

Allinson has installed about 100 windmills in the past 10 years, 10 of which are pumping water for Fallbrook citrus growers. He started the business as a hobby, after moving to Bonsall in 1976 and finding an old windmill in the barn.

The windmills are not manufactured there. The parts are ordered, and Allinson flies with them to the windmill site, anywhere from Oregon to Baja California.

Allinson considers the placement of the windmill and the landscaping about it very important. He likes ponds nearby that can reflect the windmill and the surrounding scenery.

Typical flow rates versus well depth: 150' well yields 10 gallons of water per minute, and 330' well yields 40 gallons per minute.

The water pump is connected to the windmill's rotating blades by a rod, which moves up and down. However, some windmill owners have their pumps run continuously by electricity.

The height of the windmill depends on the surrounding structures. To provide best access to the wind, the blades must by 10' above the top of any other structure within 250'.

Costs: A new windmill, 8' in diameter, costs about $2,500. Drilling is $10 - $12 per foot, about $3000 for 300'. The tower structure, which is built on-site, costs about $5,000. The $10,000 total can be recouped within 3 years at our current water costs of $1.58 per 748 gallons.

Source of information: Enterprise, 3/13/97, A1, A3, written by Leigh Ann Dewey.

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