Observations of Plants Blooming on the Santa Rosa Plateau, With Locations, 2000

In these descriptions of the flowers blooming along the trails and roads, usually only the first encounter of a flower is listed, except for exceptional displays. Beginning on May 4, if a flower is beginning or ending it is designated with (b) or (e) after the name.

December 9

11:00 am to 3:46 pm, conditions cool, overcast.

December 2

1:19 to 3:48 pm.

November 18

1:37 to 3:59 pm.

November 4

2:19 to 4:29 pm, conditions sunny, cool, with a slight breeze.

October 21

2:34 to 4:31 pm, conditions cloudy, turning showery.

October 14

1:42 to 4:47 pm, conditions sunny, calm.

5:03 to 5:20 pm, conditions sunny, calm, pleasant.

June 30

3:28 to 7:50, conditions sunny, on-the-warm-side-of-pleasant (temperature was 80° at the start), quite breezy on the Plateau and other high areas, but calm below the Plateau top.

May 26

12:35 to 4:54, conditions sunny and pleasant (high ~74°), with a slight breeze in the late afternoon.

May 4

2:53 to 7:20, conditions sunny, breezy and pleasant.

April 19

6:05 to 7:26, conditions sunny and pleasant.

April 14

4:19 to 6:07, conditions cool, cloudy and breezy.

April 2

1:00 to 3:30, conditions warm, clear, and breezy.

4:30 to 7:00, conditions clear and breezy, temperatures in 60s.

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