Plants Blooming or Displaying Color at the Santa Rosa Plateau: May - December 2002

May - October observations not online.

2 November - 7 December observations: on Vernal Pool, S. Trans Preserve, Granite Loop and N. Lomas Trails; Waterline, Tenaja and Ranch Roads.

Plants blooming now are still those from last year's (2001-2002) growth. Next year's (the 2002-2003) bloom will begin around January, but at least four species will not bloom next year, no matter how much rainfall we get, because they were unable to set flower buds this year. (The four species are Eastwood manzanita, mission manzanita, sugar bush, and hoaryleaf ceanothus. Perhaps squawbush also falls into this category.)

Despite the almost complete absence of useful rainfall last year, somehow, someway, some members of most species have been able to produce at least some blooms. However, about 20% of all species essentially skipped their bloom this year, the total number of blooms is way down, and the length of time each species is in bloom is much decreased. As a result, the showiness of the bloom is much less than that of last year.

Peak bloom ended in late April. In many places, such as most of the Granite Loop Trail, no annual plants grew this year, leaving only the plant remnants from last year. See The 2002 Plant Display Vs. Time for the progress of the bloom so far in 2002, and a comparison with the 2001 bloom.

New species beginning their show recently (dates are when I first observed them; (1) means only a single plant was in bloom):

There are currently 0 species not yet at full show, 5 species in full show, 8 species ending their show, and 133 species that are finished with their display this year. Of these, 17 species had fewer than 1% of their normal blooms; an additional 12 species did not bloom at all this year.

List of plants in bloom or displaying colorful seeds, fruit or leaves:

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