Plant Species of San Jacinto Mountain: Quercus X morehus, oracle oak, Table of Locations

Table 1. Locations Of Oracle Oak at San Jacinto Mountain

#DateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (feet)Source
101/26/1233.68625-116.700754814SR243 oracle oak survey
201/26/1233.70544-116.725124519SR243 oracle oak survey
301/26/1233.7063-116.723634531SR243 oracle oak survey
401/26/1233.70674-116.723714551SR243 oracle oak survey
501/26/1233.71205-116.716474735SR243 oracle oak survey
601/26/1233.72263-116.724185048SR243 oracle oak survey
701/26/1233.72374-116.72455064SR243 oracle oak survey
801/26/1233.73028-116.72025210SR243 oracle oak survey
901/26/1233.72926-116.72045201SR243 oracle oak survey
1001/26/1233.73399-116.721665272SR243 oracle oak survey
1101/31/1233.70803-116.724874513i don't know how we managed to miss it, but there is another honking oracle oak in mountain center on the north side of the road at the end of that first big turn north of the junction of 74/243. tom, by my odometer it is 0.3 miles from our stop at the post office and 0.25 miles before our next stop at dore's.
1204/02/1233.73208-116.74525081near west end of ISOMATA; without even looking for them i spotted three more oracle oaks (quercus x morehus) confirming norm johnson's observations. two barely had a leaf remaining, but one near the end of the idyllwild arts campus was still conspicuously green.
1304/04/1233.7303-116.752035052mountain bike trails south of idyllwild arts and west of the grotto. 47 oracle oaks counted; 5 gps positions arbitrarily placed in area surveyed. they were most common on the west and south slopes of the ridge which favors interior live oak (quercus wislizeni) and all but nonexistant on the northeast side of the ridge which favors canyon live oak (quercus chrysolepis)
1804/07/1233.75065-116.760095423Beginning of Webster Trail
1904/09/1233.7517-116.718425547one small oracle oak on hwy 243 across the street from the strawberry creek bunkhouse.
2011/20/1233.74169-116.726015268Idyllwild County Park se area survey
2111/20/1233.74065-116.727615255Idyllwild County Park se area survey
2211/20/1233.73539-116.764354715Idyllwild County Park se area survey
2311/20/1233.74613-116.721115506Idyllwild County Park se area survey
2411/20/1233.74461-116.722015326Idyllwild County Park se area survey
2511/01/1333.73775-116.773994452spur road off of 5s06 at the navarettia location; i found what i am quite certain is an oracle oak, but the leaves were very small and no bigger than a wisliz leaf
2612/02/1333.73687-116.709925701four on tahquitz view before the pavement ends
2712/02/1333.7288-116.699366405Highest elevation oracle oak east of Granite Spring on 6400 foot contour; one fairly big one with multiple trunks
2812/11/1333.79625-116.754735323halfway between fuller mill creek and black mountain road
2912/11/1333.84718-116.820014594SR243 Survey: Mile 1.5 from Poppet Flats Road: Large Oracle Oak on right side of road
3012/11/1333.84293-116.814024692SR243 Survey: Mile 2.0 from Poppet Flats Road: Five large Oracle Oaks and as many or more small scrub like Oracles growing along with a grove of big old Black Oaks on the left side of road.
3112/11/1333.84093-116.812154750SR243 Survey: Mile 2.2 from Poppet Flats Road: Five Oracle Oaks above the road on the right side (confirmed 12/13/12)
3212/11/1333.83926-116.806754813SR243 Survey: Mile 2.5: ~50 feet below 3S08 ~1/4 mile east of SR243
3312/11/1333.82724-116.795675147SR243 Survey: Mile 3.8: Black Mountain Trailhead
3412/11/1333.82245-116.795724964SR243 Survey: Mile 4.1: 4S05: a small Oracle Oak ~50 feet below the piped spring
3512/11/1333.81067-116.788575150SR243 Survey: Mile 5.2: Another big Oracle Oak on the right side of the road and a possible second one at the bottom of the road bank.
3612/12/1333.82763-116.793385276Black Mountain Trail: about 0.1-0.2 miles from the trailhead, an oracle about 30 feet off trail on the left
3712/13/1333.80055-116.780185377Dave Stith observation, probably of UCR169495
3812/15/1333.80976-116.777545487James Reserve Nature Trail
3912/15/1333.80816-116.771435625James Reserve road past lodge at antenna site
4012/16/1333.75713-116.721625852Deer Springs Trail, mile 0.47
4112/16/1333.75644-116.721695816Deer Springs Trail, mile 0.42
4212/17/1333.72695-116.709625697May Valley Road: three where the road tops out on the top of the ridge ~0.25 mile above the junction of the two roads including one big one with three trunks.
4312/17/1333.75398-116.720775659Area northeast of Deer Springs Trailhead
4412/18/1333.73814-116.772424424Oracle survey near Navarettia location on Old Control Road
4512/18/1333.74122-116.760034956a few small oracles along 5s10 just above where it branches off from 5s06
4612/18/1333.74029-116.754314981nine in Alvin Meadow
4712/18/1333.74704-116.75845444Near 5S10 above the last switchback before the tree line which is where we stopped to look for the clarkia
4812/18/1333.74161-116.758754977just behind (north of) the big old oak we all marveled at at the end of alvin meadow
4912/18/1333.74171-116.761844989at about the same elevation as the one near the big old oak but west on the other side of 5s10
5012/18/1333.73592-116.761674729small-leaved one on 5S13
5112/18/1333.74772-116.76075370close to Peak 5383, aka Rattlesnake Rock
5212/27/1333.75559-116.693216240ernie maxwell trail near mile 0.8 from humber park on 12/27/13 by dave
5312/30/1333.76747-116.751715589stith survey of 5S09: near 5606 knoll at mile 1.1
5412/30/1333.76715-116.750985554stith survey of 5S09: near 5606 knoll at mile 1.1
5512/30/1333.7658-116.755625408stith survey of 5S09: near mile 1.4
5612/30/1333.76402-116.758085390stith survey of 5S09: near mile 1.6 just past Reno's Rock
5712/30/1333.76268-116.763045334stith survey of 5S09: mile 2.0
5812/30/1333.76285-116.766725313stith survey of 5S09: knoll west of road at mile 2.2
5912/30/1333.76395-116.764885256stith survey of 5S09: mile 2.3
6012/30/1333.76832-116.762165015stith survey of 5S09: mile 2.7
6112/30/1333.77233-116.772764477stith survey of 5S09: mile 4.2
6212/30/1333.76571-116.753755456stith survey of 5S09: near 5606 knoll at mile 1.1
63?33.81952-116.791815043mentioned in 12/17/13 email: a couple of possible oracles in the distance across the hwy from bay tree springs
6401/03/1433.82138-116.806994507stith survey of 4S05, 1.4 miles down from SR243
6501/03/1433.82685-116.8014859stith survey of 4S05, oak inside bend of road between mile 0.7 and 1.05
6601/03/1433.81795-116.791275172stith survey of 4S05 / SR243; ridge sw of Bay Tree Springs 1
6701/07/1433.76561-116.746425760additional oracle on 5S09 discovered after surveying gated dirt road to north

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