Comparison of Boechera xylopoda to B. perennans and B. pulchra

See Arabis = Boechera species with non-erect fruit for the background for this page.

Boechera xylopoda is said to be an ancient hybrid between B. perennans and B. pulchra. Fig. 4 shows pictures of a number of characteristics of all three species, to show its intermediate nature.

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Fig. 4. Pictures of A. perennans, A. pulchra var. gracilis, and A. pulchra var. pulchra

CharacteristicA. perennans
B. perennans
A. pulchra var. gracilis
B. xylopoda
A. pulchra var. pulchra
B. pulchra
Young Fruit
Inflorescence with Mature Fruit

Note that the hairs of A. pulchra var. gracilis are gone on the mature fruit.

(not available)
Basal Leaves for plants in flower

The rosettes of "A. holboellii" often have a larger number of leaves than are shown here.

(not available)
Cauline Leaves for plants in flower
Stem Hairs

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