Flora of Pine Cove Area, San Jacinto Mountains

This flora is a preliminary flora made from vouchers; a survey of the Webster Trail above 5000 feet elevation; a survey of 5S10 from The Hub to Pine Cove; and a number of surveys of 5S09 from Pine Cove to the saddle with the Stone Creek Drainage, including partial surveys of Logan Creek.

Vouchers were searched on 25 October 2018 for georeferenced vouchers from 33.74 to 33.80° N. Latitude and -116.76 to -116.73° E. Longitude. The localities were examined, and vouchers that were not clearly in the Pine Cove area were tossed, including all vouchers with a locality of "above Pine Cove".

The following voucher determinations were rejected as being erroneous or having taxonomic confusion with another vouchered species:

Arabis pulchra
Ceanothus integerrimus
Ceanothus spinosus
Collinsia heterophylla
Ericameria parryi
Gilia brevicula
Glyceria striata
Lupinus andersonii

A single survey of the Webster Trail was done on 9 May 2014 by Tom Chester and Dave Stith. Only species observed above an elevation of 5000 feet were included in this flora. See Flora of Webster Trail for a list that includes species seen below 5000 feet elevation.

A single survey of 5S10, including the small portion of 5S09 to Logan Creek, beginning at The Hub was done on 10 May 2013 by Tom Chester, Dave Stith, Keir Morse, and Adrienne Ballwey. Eventually we will remove species from the Pine Cove Checklist that are only found south of approximately the latitude of Dead Man's Curve on SR243, which is the tight switchback just southwest of Dutch Flat. The entire survey of 5S10 is included here for now since we have no easy way to identify those species until we survey 5S10 from north to south.

A survey of 5S09 from its junction with 5S10 to the saddle with the Stone Creek Drainage was done on 26 October 2018 by Tom Chester, Nancy Accola, and Don Rideout. Dave Stith has made many trips along this route, as well as multiple observations in Logan Creek.

The checklist contains separate columns for each of the above.

In addition, the checklist contains three additional species observed by Dave Stith in various places in Pine Cove, as well as four additional species observed by Tom Chester, Nancy Accola, and Don Rideout in a brief survey of Dead Man's Curve. These species have no entry in any of the last four columns in the checklist.

Dave has also observed a single waif of foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, blooming in Logan Creek one year, which is not included in the checklist.

The following gives some basic information about this checklist.


An asterisk before the common name indicates a non-native species.

The column #Pls gives our estimate of the minimum number of plants for each species that we saw from the sum of all surveys. An x indicates a species that was observed, but for which no abundance estimate was made.

Version for printing, without lines and other text on this page: html (8 pages) or pdf Clickbook booklet (2 double-sided pages). (See printing instructions for an explanation of these options)

#FamilScientific Name
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(*)Common Name
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#V# Plants
1SelagSelaginella bigeloviiBigelow's spike-moss 10  
2BlechWoodwardia fimbriatagiant chain fern 30  
3DennsPteridium aquilinum var. pubescensbracken 509922
4EquisEquisetum laevigatumsmooth scouring rush15 x
5PteriPellaea mucronata var. mucronatabird's-foot fern 1101
6PteriPentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularisgoldback fern 21 
7CupreCalocedrus decurrensincense-cedar 991099
8PinacAbies concolorwhite fir4201?40
9PinacPinus coulteriCoulter pine 992099
10PinacPinus jeffreyiJeffrey pine   6
11PinacPinus lambertianasugar pine 20217
12PinacPinus ponderosa var. pacificaponderosa pine 99 53
13PinacPinus radiata*Monterey pine   36
14LauraUmbellularia californicaCalifornia bay  5x
15AdoxaSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleablue elderberry 2  
16AnacaRhus aromaticabasketbush 994099
17ApiacAngelica tomentosawoolly angelica15030x
18ApiacOsmorhiza berteroimountain sweet-cicely 199 
19ApiacTauschia argutasouthern tauschia 550 
20ApiacTauschia parishiiParish's tauschia1   
21ApocyAsclepias californicaCalifornia milkweed 15  
22ApocyAsclepias eriocarpaIndian milkweed1  45
23AsterAchillea millefoliumyarrow 99 x
24AsterAgoseris retrorsaspear-leaved mountain dandelion 2202
25AsterAmbrosia acanthicarpabur-ragweed    
26AsterArtemisia douglasianamugwort  9999
27AsterArtemisia dracunculuswild tarragon 30  
28AsterArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. incomptamountain mugwort 50  
29AsterBrickellia californicaCalifornia brickellbush    
30AsterCirsium occidentale var. californicumCalifornia thistle 5015 
31AsterCirsium vulgare*bull thistle 5  
32AsterCorethrogyne filaginifoliaCalifornia-aster 99199
33AsterDeinandra mohavensisMojave tarplant1   
34AsterDieteria asteroideshoary aster    
35AsterEricameria cuneata var. cuneatarock goldenbush1   
36AsterEricameria cuneata var. spathulatawide-leaved rock goldenbush1   
37AsterEricameria nauseosa var. bernardinaSan Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush1   
38AsterEricameria parishii var. parishiiParish's goldenbush  13
39AsterErigeron canadensishorseweed    
40AsterErigeron foliosus var. foliosusleafy daisy1991040
41AsterEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow 995012
42AsterHelianthus californicusCalifornia sunflower1   
43AsterHemizonella minimadwarf madia1  x
44AsterHeterotheca sessiliflora ssp. echioidesbristly goldenaster 2  
45AsterHeterotheca sessiliflora ssp. fastigiataerect goldenaster1   
46AsterHieracium albiflorumwhite hawkweed 2  
47AsterHulsea vestita ssp. callicarphabeautiful hulsea4  1
48AsterHypochaeris glabra*smooth cat's ear 5  
49AsterLactuca serriola*prickly lettuce 101 
50AsterLessingia glandulifera var. glanduliferasticky lessingia 99 50
51AsterMadia gracilisslender madia 50  
52AsterMatricaria discoidea*pineapple weed 20  
53AsterPentachaeta aureagolden daisy 99  
54AsterPseudognaphalium luteoalbum*common cudweed 20  
55AsterPseudognaphalium thermaleslender everlasting 30 8
56AsterRafinesquia californicaCalifornia chicory  5 
57AsterSolidago velutina ssp. californicagoldenrod199250
58AsterSonchus asper ssp. asper*prickly sow thistle 2  
59AsterSonchus oleraceus*sow thistle    
60AsterStephanomeria virgatatwiggy wreath plant  153
61AsterTanacetum parthenium*feverfew 3 10
62AsterTaraxacum officinale*common dandelion 10  
63AsterUropappus lindleyisilver puffs 1020 
64BoragCryptantha intermedia var. intermediapopcorn flower 9999 
65BoragCryptantha micrantha var. lepidamountain red-root cryptantha 999999
66BoragCryptantha muricata var. jonesiiprickly cryptantha1209910
67BoragCryptantha simulanspine cryptantha1 30 
68BoragEriodictyon crassifoliumthick-leaved yerba santa 509990
69BoragNemophila menziesii var. menziesiibaby blue eyes 9999 
70BoragPectocarya penicillatacombseed 10  
71BoragPhacelia imbricata ssp. patulaimbricate phacelia 40440
72BoragPhacelia ramosissimabranching phacelia 410 
73BoragPlagiobothrys tenellusslender popcorn flower 10  
74BrassBoechera arcuataarched elegant rock-cress1   
75BrassBoechera californicaCalifornia elegant rock-cress399315
76BrassBoechera repandaYosemite rockcress 20 1
77BrassDescurainia sophia*herb sophia 10  
78BrassDraba vernaspring draba 99  
79BrassErysimum capitatum var. capitatumwestern wallflower240 15
80BrassHirschfeldia incana*shortpod mustard 1  
81BrassLepidium virginicum ssp. menziesiiwild pepper-grass 40  
82BrassSisymbrium altissimum*tumble-mustard 991 
83BrassStreptanthus bernardinusLaguna Mtns. jewel-flower1   
84BrassTurritis glabratower mustard 30  
85CactaOpuntia phaeacanthadesert prickly-pear 10  
86CampaHeterocodon rariflorumfew-flowered heterocodon15 x
87CampaNemacladus longiflorus var. longiflorusthread plant120  
88CapriLonicera subspicata var. denudatasouthern honeysuckle2994050
89CaryoMinuartia douglasiiDouglas' sandwort 515 
90CaryoSilene verecundawhite catch-fly2   
91CelasEuonymus occidentalis var. parishiiParish's burning bush 3 x
92ChenoChenopodium fremontiiFremont's goosefoot1  1
93ConvoCalystegia occidentalis ssp. fulcratawestern morning-glory150  
94CornaCornus nuttalliiPacific dogwood 2  
95CornaCornus sericea ssp. occidentaliswestern dogwood16 4
96CrassDudleya saxosa ssp. aloidesdesert dudleya 103 
97CucurMarah macrocarpawild-cucumber 250 
98DatisDatisca glomerataDurango root15 x
99EricaArctostaphylos glandulosaEastwood manzanita 999960
100EricaArctostaphylos pringlei ssp. drupaceapink-bracted manzanita699x99
101EricaArctostaphylos pungensMexican manzanita 20 5
102EricaChimaphila menziesiilittle prince's pine 23x
103EricaPterospora andromedeapinedrops 10 4
104EricaPyrola aphyllaleafless wintergreen11  
105EricaPyrola pictawhite-veined wintergreen 2 24
106EricaRhododendron occidentalewestern azalea1 5050
107EricaSarcodes sanguineasnow-plant35 1
108EupChamaesyce serpyllifolia ssp. hirtulahairy thyme-leafed spurge    
109EuphoCroton setigerusdove weed 1  
110EuphoEuphorbia luridawoodland spurge2   
111FabacAcmispon americanus var. americanusSpanish clover2   
112FabacAcmispon argophyllus var. argophyllussouthern California silver-lotus2   
113FabacAcmispon grandiflorus var. grandifloruschaparral lotus7  13
114FabacAcmispon heermannii var. heermanniisilky lotus130  
115FabacAcmispon nevadensis var. nevadensisSierra Nevada lotus199225
116FabacAcmispon strigosusstrigose lotus39950x
117FabacAstragalus douglasii var. parishiiParish' Jacumba milk-vetch1501010
118FabacHosackia crassifolia var. crassifoliabroad-leaved lotus310 40
119FabacLathyrus latifolius*perennial sweet pea3   
120FabacLathyrus vestitus var. vestituswild sweetpea2152 
121FabacLupinus bicolordwarf lupine 70  
122FabacLupinus concinnus ssp. optatusbajada lupine199 x
123FabacLupinus excubitus var. austromontanusmountain grape-soda lupine150 20
124FabacLupinus formosuswestern lupine3   
125FabacLupinus hyacinthinusSan Jacinto lupine1   
126FabacLupinus latifolius var. parishiiParish's lupine 1 x
127FabacTrifolium obtusiflorumcreek clover 10 x
128FabacTrifolium willdenoviitomcat clover 3  
129FabacVicia americana ssp. americanaAmerican vetch 10  
130FagacQuercus chrysolepiscanyon live oak 999999
131FagacQuercus kelloggiiCalifornia black oak 994099
132FagacQuercus wislizeni var. frutescensinterior live oak 50992
133FagacQuercus Xmorehusoracle oak 2130
134GarryGarrya veatchiicanyon silktassel 10  
135GeranErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree 99  
136GrossRibes nevadensemountain pink currant 203075
137GrossRibes roezlii var. roezliiSierra gooseberry 530 
138LamiaMonardella breweri ssp. lanceolatamustang mint115 99
139LamiaMonardella nanashort-flowered monardella1   
140LamiaScutellaria bolanderi ssp. austromontanasouthern skullcap 1050 
141LamiaScutellaria siphocampyloidescurve-flowered skullcap510 x
142LamiaStachys rigidarigid hedge-nettle 305x
143LinacLinum lewisii var. lewisiiLewis' flax1   
144MalvaSidalcea sparsifoliacheckerbloom 99  
145MontiCalyptridium monandrumsand cress 5099 
146MontiClaytonia parviflora ssp. parvifloranarrow-leaved miner's lettuce 9999x
147MontiClaytonia parviflora ssp. utahensisnarrow-leaved miner's lettuce  99 
148MontiClaytonia parviflora ssp. viridisgreen miner's lettuce19999 
149MontiClaytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicanasouthern miner's lettuce  99 
150MontiClaytonia perfoliata ssp. perfoliataminer's lettuce 99  
151MontiLewisia rediviva var. minorbitter root    
152OnagrCamissonia strigulosastrigose suncup 99  
153OnagrCamissoniopsis confusaSan Bernardino suncup 51010
154OnagrClarkia purpurea ssp. quadrivulnerapurple clarkia 10  
155OnagrClarkia rhomboideadiamond-petaled clarkia29999 
156OnagrEpilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsia 99 99
157OnagrEpilobium hallianumHall's willowherb 2  
158OnagrGayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorumgroundsmoke 301 
159OnagrGayophytum heterozygumzig-zag gayophytum4   
160OnagrGayophytum oligospermumpinegrove groundsmoke2  35
161OrobaCastilleja applegatei ssp. martiniiMartin's paintbrush 10 1
162OrobaCordylanthus neviniiNevin's bird's beak5   
163OrobaCordylanthus rigidus ssp. setigerusbristly bird's beak 99 30
164OrobaOrobanche bulbosachaparral broomrape 302 
165OrobaOrobanche fasciculataclustered broomrape110  
166OrobaPedicularis semibarbatapine lousewort2   
167PapavDendromecon rigidabush poppy 330 
168PhrymMimulus aurantiacus var. pubescenshairy bush monkeyflower2502 
169PhrymMimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflower35  
170PhrymMimulus cardinalisscarlet monkeyflower11  
171PhrymMimulus diffususPalomar monkeyflower2   
172PhrymMimulus floribundusfloriferous monkeyflower1   
173PhrymMimulus fremontii var. fremontiiFremont's monkeyflower23099x
174PhrymMimulus moschatusmusk monkeyflower1   
175PhrymMimulus pilosusfalse monkeyflower1 50 
176PlantCollinsia concolorsouthern Chinese houses1709999
177PlantKeckiella ternata var. ternatawhorledleaf penstemon 510 
178PlantPenstemon centranthifoliusscarlet bugler2509992
179PlantPenstemon rostriflorusbeaked penstemon150 99
180PlantPenstemon spectabilis var. spectabilisshowy penstemon 1 65
181PlantPlantago lanceolata*English plantain 50  
182PlantPlantago patagonicaPatagonia plantain 35  
183PolemAllophyllum divaricatumpurple false-gilia1   
184PolemAllophyllum glutinosumsticky false-gilia1510 
185PolemEriastrum densifolium ssp. austromontanumsouthern mountain woolly-star120 99
186PolemEriastrum sapphirinum ssp. dasyanthumsapphire woolly-star 502599
187PolemGilia capitata ssp. abrotanifoliaglobe gilia 9999 
188PolemGilia diegensiscoastal gilia 1599x
189PolemGilia ochroleuca ssp. exilisvolcanic gilia110 ~10
190PolemLeptosiphon ciliatuswhisker-brush3999999
191PolemLeptosiphon lemmoniiLemmon's linanthus 70  
192PolemMicrosteris gracilisannual phlox 5  
193PolemSaltugilia splendens ssp. splendenssplendid gilia2201020
194PolEriogonum apiculatumSan Jacinto buckwheat   50
195PolygEriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat220110
196PolygEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheat 999999
197PolygEriogonum gracile var. incultumslender buckwheat 10399
198PolygEriogonum molestumpineland buckwheat   30
199PolygEriogonum nudum var. pauciflorumnaked buckwheat150 42
200PolygEriogonum wrightii var. membranaceumWright's buckwheat599 99
201PolygPolygonum aviculare ssp. depressum*knotweed    
202PolygRumex acetosella*common sheep sorrel 99  
203PolygRumex californicuswillow-leaved dock 50 x
204PolygSidotheca trilobatathree-lobed oxytheca130  
205RanunAquilegia formosawestern columbine 12x
206RanunDelphinium patens ssp. montanumspreading larkspur 5  
207RanunThalictrum fendleri var. fendleriFendler's meadow-rue 1040 
208RhamnCeanothus leucodermischaparral whitethorn4999978
209RhamnCeanothus palmeriPalmer's ceanothus5993083
210RhamnFrangula californicaCalifornia coffeeberry31526
211RhamnRhamnus ilicifoliahollyleaf redberry 14 
212RosacAdenostoma fasciculatumchamise 99992
213RosacCercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahogany 1010 
214RosacDrymocallis glandulosa var. viscidasticky cinquefoil 992550
215RosacFragaria vescawoodland strawberry 99 x
216RosacHeteromeles arbutifoliatoyon 1  
217RosacHorkelia clevelandii var. clevelandiiCleveland's horkelia210 12
218RosacRosa californicaCalifornia wild rose 99 x
219RosacRubus parviflorusthimbleberry1 25x
220RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. angustifoliumnarrowleaf bedstraw2403010
221RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. jacinticumSan Jacinto Mtns. bedstraw510 50
222RubiaGalium aparinecommon bedstraw49999 
223RubiaGalium californicum ssp. primumCalifornia bedstraw1250  
224RubiaGalium porrigens var. porrigensgraceful bedstraw530  
225RubiaKelloggia galioidesbreakfast bedstraw1   
226SalicSalix lasiolepisarroyo willow 2  
227SalicSalix scoulerianaScouler's willow1  ~20
228SaxifLithophragma affinewoodland star19999 
229ScropScrophularia californicaCalifornia bee plant 1  
230SolanDatura wrightiisacred datura   1
231UrticUrtica dioica ssp. holosericeastinging nettle 4030x
232ValerPlectritis ciliosalong-spurred plectritis120  
233ViolaViola purpurea ssp. quercetorumgoosefoot yellow violet 501 
234ViscaArceuthobium campylopodumpine dwarf-mistletoe 5 50
235ViscaPhoradendron juniperinumincense-cedar mistletoe 1 20
236ViscaPhoradendron serotinum ssp. tomentosumoak mistletoe2991099
237AgavaHesperoyucca whippleichaparral yucca 994040
238AlliaAllium burlewiiBurlew's onion1  99
239CyperCarex multicaulisforest sedge 50 1
240CyperCarex praegracilisclustered field sedge 99  
241CyperCarex sartwellianaYosemite sedge2   
242CyperCarex sentaswamp sedge120  
243CyperScirpus microcarpuspanicled bulrush 50  
244JuncaJuncus effusus ssp. austrocalifornicusSonoran rush 2  
245JuncaJuncus mexicanusMexican rush 99  
246JuncaJuncus oxymerispointed rush 99  
247LiliaCalochortus invenustusplain mariposa lily 70  
248LiliaLilium parryilemon lily 25 x
249OrchiCorallorhiza maculataspotted coralroot  15 
250OrchiPiperia elongatadense-flowered rein orchid 15  
251PoaceAvena barbata*slender wild oats  15 
252PoaceBromus carinatus var. carinatusCalifornia brome 9940~15
253PoaceBromus carinatus var. marginatusMountain brome1   
254PoaceBromus diandrus*ripgut brome 9999 
255PoaceBromus halliiHall's brome4 1~10
256PoaceBromus hordeaceus*soft chess 99  
257PoaceBromus laevipeswoodland brome2   
258PoaceBromus tectorum*downy brome 999999
259PoaceElymus elymoidessquirreltail 10 10
260PoaceElymus glaucus ssp. glaucusblue wildrye3 4 
261PoaceElymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulusslender wheatgrass1  3
262PoaceFestuca microstachyssmall fescue1999999
263PoaceFestuca myuros*rattail fescue 202 
264PoaceFestuca occidentaliswestern fescue2   
265PoaceFestuca octoflorasix-weeks fescue 15  
266PoaceGlyceria elatatall mannagrass1   
267PoaceHordeum murinum*foxtail barley 1  
268PoaceKoeleria macranthaJune grass4  35
269PoaceMelica imperfectacoast-range melic 99995
270PoaceMuhlenbergia rigensdeergrass 99  
271PoacePoa bulbosa ssp. vivipara*bulbous blue grass 20  
272PoacePoa pratensis ssp. agassizensisKentucky blue grass 40  
273PoacePoa secunda ssp. secundaone-sided bluegrass 9930 
274PoaceStipa latiglumiswide-glumed needle grass2   
275ThemiBloomeria croceagoldenstar450  

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