Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites

"tota" is short for Trails of the Angeles. "other" is usually short for the webpage "links to other ANF pages".

31 July 1999 added new tick disease to bugs.

29 July 1999 added bighorn sheep decline to news.

28 July 1999 jane added Leadabrand; Physical geography of the San Gabriel Mountains, California by Harry P. Bailey; Hoffman; and Storey to books.
updated url for pomona topo map and added their local geology maps to other; corrected erroneous link to trip number in text of index; corrected url for unnumbered nyerges trip in links by number, and added ainsworth link there; added ainsworth reports on east fork conditions, linked from conditions; added swimming holes to other.

27 July 1999 added ainsworth writeup and new hike 83-5.

26 July 1999 updated hundred peaks url to new one (second time this year!)

22 July 1999 added more links on black and deer flies to bugs.

21 July 1999 jane added new section on advice links for hiking with children to family hikes.

20 July 1999 added tota update for #100 and changed description between tota 90 and 98.

14 July 1999 added news about buckhorn repaving closure and Upper Big Tujunga Road closure from strong; expanded thanks to strong on thanks page.

13 July 1999 updated maps to include more roads (santa clara divide, placerita canyon, more little tujunga, more mt. Gleason), yerba buena trailheads, and corrected sr138 mislabel due to gif problem; linked bell's y.b. writeup.
Finally updated tables by number and mileages, first time in 1.5 years.

12 July 1999 added randall's #74 update to tota updates and hike 74 links; added url for bell's #7 update in tota updates; correct typo in date of my latest hike.

9 July 1999 corrected coords of tenhi peak webcam on main page.

4 July 1999 linked strong's weather page to main page and other; minor wording changes to bugs.

2 July 1999 updated trail and bug conditions; added forest vitality page to conditions and other (from strong); added 2 snow summit pages to other - sb mtns; added trip 77 typo to tota updates.

27 June 1999 updated url for strong's current butterflies in index; added date of renaming north baldy to news.

26 June 1999 added death of hiker on 6/4/99; trails mag to books and pub info for wheelock peaks; updates from russell bell to tota; antelope valley wildflower guide and poppy preserve to blooms elsewhere; palmdale cam and weatherstation to index; littlerock dam to other.

25 June 1999 added great flood of 1938 to news.

24 June 1999 added leigh's fall color pages to blooms elsewhere; ulrich's san jacinto and san gorgonio pages to other and trail conditions; ps tram cam images to main page conditions.

22 June 1999 updated 1990 mtn. lion attack report in varmints from brenner; added wheelock's Southern California peaks to books.

21 June 1999 updated status of links to use google to get cached copies of no-longer-available webpages, and corrected links at bottom; added link to nps cougar page in bugs; added strong's current butterfly report to main page and other, and wildflower locations to other.

20 June 1999 added opening time of baldy ski lift from lewis; tota updates for hike 1 and two "trails that used to be" from bell; link to Tahquitz peak writeup from tchikes.

19 June 1999 updated bugs from strong and lewis.

18 June 1999 added new forest service's more complete fees page, with comment form.

15 June 1999 added links to jane's where to find wildflowers from main page and bloom pages; updated trail conditions.

10 June 1999 added new hike links from hayden: 36(new url), 28, 48, 56, 59, 87. Added link to bridge to nowhere pix in 84 links. updated link status with cooper's response. Removed canyon explorer's club's bridge to nowhere link, since it is permanently gone.

8 June 1999 added direct link to u.s. page for usgs name server.

6 June 1999 added link status and san bernardino national forest association to other pages; removed credit to strong at her request on link status page; retitled links to sgva pages on other pages; added strawberry peak sbnf towercam to main page.

5 June 1999 added one more problem link, corrected two other links, and added one new link to other pages, from strong.

4 June 1999 added size differences between bobcats and mountain lions in bugs, caltrans clickable road conditions map and new page giving status of links.

2 June 1999 updated bug reports; minor updates to family hikes and books.

1 June 1999 added angeles crest century back for 1999 in news and other pages. Reorganized main page, added San Gabriel Mountains books (with strong). Changed link for family hikes to znet page. Corrected a trip 4 mod from bell.

31 May 1999 made separate camping section, added official anf campground links, online reservations for crystal lake, ridesnowcrest, in other pages. Added anf map by district to maps on main page. Updated url for recreation.gov's anf site.

30 May 1999 added trip 4 mods in total 1998-90 changes, thanks to bell.

27 May 1999 corrected link to next part of table in bloom_idwhite, and removed redundant link. Added randall's updates to trip 65 in tota updates. Removed item about ronald mcdonald house added 5/25 since it turned out to have been built in idyllwild, not the anf. Added link to Family, Group and Special-Interest Hikes on main page.

26 May 1999 added trail conditions from ted finamore.

25 May 1999 added ronald mcdonald house and rubio canyon updates to news.

22 May 1999 updated trail and road conditions thanks to strong and anderberg.

18 May 1999 added clarification to how to calculate view params.

12 May 1999 added non-identification of a massive landslide from 50 yards away to deaths.

11 May 1999 added landslide deaths in hawaii to deaths.

7 May 1999 updated trail conditions, bugs, blooms and bloom_id.

4 May 1999 updated url of strong's butterfly page in other, blooms and bloom_id.

2 May 1999 added calstate northridge's topo map site to other (from ted st.john); updated free our forest url in fees.

1 May 1999 added strong's butterfly page to other, and links to it from blooms and bloom_id.

28 April 1999 added quinn's ceanothus page to other.

25 April 1999 added devore and mill creek to current weather.

24 April 1999 added cdwr real-time weather stations to main page (from strong).
changed url for catalina conservancy pix, thanks to strong, in bloom id and seasons.

19 April 1999 added tota typo correction from matheson, organized that table by page, updated trip 25 status further.

18 April 1999 added max. size of refraction for sun and stars, and explanation, to how to derive view params; split update log into old and new logs.

15 April 1999 added strong's nice highlighted instructions for "distances, etc. of peaks".

13 April 1999 added concert series to other.

11 April 1999 added pages of "distances, azimuths and elevation angles"; how to calculate same; and the derivation of the formula for atmospheric refraction.

9 April 1999
added link to dahl memorial in deaths.

8 April 1999 added culinary plants from js; added natural history links from main page to other.

7 April 1999 updated new urls for outside mag anf-bashing article et al in other.

4 April 1999 updated bugs for js observations

3 April 1999 added correct statistics on search and rescue deaths and tightened up text in intro to deaths;

1 April 1999 updated links to pcta new url; added it to "other" page and to conditions.

27 March 1999
updated last observation to 26 mar on san olene fr, with link.

24 March 1999 updated sgva link in other pages with comments.

21 March 1999 Added great reference on poison oak to "bugs"; added another mountain lion reference there, and "seed hitchhiker" ref. Significantly updated rubio water and rubio canyon story. Added report of scenic mt. Lowe committee.

20 March 1999 Added trail conditions observation by finamore.

17 March 1999 added san gorgonio search and rescue team to other pages and link to their safety tips page in deaths.

15 March 1999 added link to pix of fish canyon falls in 48 and photos. Added link to specific places on main page, and cleaned up text in "other" pages. Added mt. Lowe links to other pages. Added non-dangers to deaths and changed bugs to include cougars with bobcats in section title.

14 March 1999 added bit more to fish canyon trails.

13 March 1999 updated bugs, blooms and trail conditions. Corrected typos in description of 100 peaks topo maps in other pages, and added same link to main page under maps. Added guide to hike 48 and summary of various fish canyon trails.

11 March 1999 added page on the destruction of waterfalls in rubio canyon, linked in news and other pages.

10 March 1999 added average rain plot, ecological regions of san gabriels to other pages. Added more info to deaths; gave location of monkey canyon from Dave Anderberg. Added links to littlerock news release from news.

7 March 1999 added more info to deaths.

6 March 1999 finally finished first draft of deaths.

28 February 1999 corrected rest of hundredpeaks sections links in bugs and other pages. Added new link to hps main page at top of hiking info sites in other pages.

24 February 1999 added closure of little rock creek, larse II and logging moratorium to news. Updated conditions to add warning about how low snow can go for how long into spring.

23 February 1999 corrected changed url for rattlesnakes and added ref. found by strong.

10 February 1999 updated statistics for number of accesses and put a link under statistics on main page to them.

9 February 1999 added couple of links for bridge to nowhere. Marked one link as being bad.

8 February 1999 corrected url for dig. Desert's phototour of anf (I had changed others, but missed this link).

4 February 1999 added tet's new panorama pix to photos.

31 January 1999 indexed last two of duttweiler's pages, pasadena glen and mt. Islip. Added chara (6 new telescopes on mt. Wilson) link to other pages, and pix of telescopes on mt. Wilson to pix.

30 January 1999 updated to new url for hayden and added 2 more of his hikes, including indexing pix. Added keywords meta tag for index. Added hayden's williamson crash site to crash site page. Indexed duttweiler's skiing pages, topo map, and 3 linked sites in pix, index and other anf pages.

27 January 1999 Changed link to clarke trail map per request.

26 January 1999 updated bugs.

25 January 1999 added current weather from jpl and added link to mt. Wilson towercam image on main page; mapquest topofinder and topo map ordering on other pages; prices for topo maps from usgs; updated new url for ringside in pix and sites.

19 January 1999 added link to topo! Map of baldy area, updated changed link for yahoo! - la - hiking.

17 January 1999 added links to henninger flats and san dimas forestry unit of lacofd. Added "maps of anf" with links to clarke San Gabriels map and pomona topo map (thanks jane!).

13 January 1999 added links to strong's leaf log and seasons from main page and conditions; updated index for big horn mine pix. Added mohsen's hike to b-p as 78.1. indexed his pix.

8 January 1999 noted ringside link was inactive, and updated nygerges link on other pages, thanks to strong.

6 January 1999 added scamp maps, free dem usgs 7.5', updated towner's url, all from jane strong.

5 January 1999 corrected broken link in 85links. Added big horn mine pix from parks. Added great link for lyme disease in CA from strong.

3 January 1999 finished adding randall's latest hikes (up to 36); indexed his photos; indexed tet's photos, added several tota corrections, moved a "tclinks" page to a "hike_links" page. Added shey's pages, underthrusting of pelona schist page to other anf pages, poison oak reference to bugs.

2 January 1999 added more randall hikes (up to 31); indexed his photos on those pages; corrected link to campbell's hike in table; added another tota correction.

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