Plant Species of San Gabriel Mountains: Endemic Species

There are 15 species which live only in the San Gabriel Mountains (SnGb). Such species are called endemics, and are always fascinating to people since humans love rare things. If you want to see these endemic species, you can see them only here.

In addition, there are nine species where most of their population lives at SnGb, but which have a small number of individuals in neighboring areas, or in just one other location. These species are called near endemics.

The total number of endemic or near-endemic species is thus 24.

Table 1 lists the strictly-endemic species, and Table 2 lists the near-endemic species, in alphabetical order of their scientific name as given in the Jepson Manual second edition (JM2), if they have one, or by their scientific name if they were defined after the publication of JM2. The geographic range given is first the one in the JM2, expanded with notes.

See Information about the links from the Scientific Name and Common Name.

Table 1. Species Strictly Endemic to SnGb

#FamScientific NameCommon NameGeographic Range
1FabacAstragalus lentiginosus var. antoniusSan Antonio milk-vetchSnGb
2OrobaCastilleja gleasoniiMt. Gleason Indian paintbrushSnGb (Mt. Gleason)
3RosacDrymocallis cuneifolia var. ewaniiEwan's cinquefoilSnGb (Mt. Islip area)
4CrassDudleya cymosa ssp. crebrifoliaSan Gabriel River dudleyaSnGb (Fish Canyon, L.A. county)
5CrassDudleya densifloraSan Gabriel Mtns. dudleyaSnGb (L.A. county)
6RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. gabrielenseSan Antonio Canyon bedstrawSnGb
7RubiaGalium grandeSan Gabriel bedstrawSnGb
8SaxifHeuchera abramsiiAbrams's alumrootSnGb
9PolemLinanthus concinnusSan Gabriel linanthusSnGb
10FabacLupinus peirsoniiPeirson's lupineSnGb
11LamiaMonardella australis ssp. cinereagray monardellaSnGb, 1800 to 3100 m = 5900 to 10,100 feet. The JM2 said that plants approaching ssp. cinerea occur in SnBr and SnJt, but the latest publication by the JM2 authors gives cinerea as a SnGb endemic.
12LamiaMonardella australis ssp. gabrielensisSan Gabriel Mountain monardellaSnGb (north-central portion near Pacifico Mountain), 1600 to 2200 m = 5250 to 7200 feet)
13LamiaMonardella australis ssp. jokerstiiJokerst's monardellae SnGb, (n SCo)
14LamiaMonardella breweri ssp. glanduliferaBrewer's glandular monardellas SnGb (Brown Flats vicinity)
15LamiaMonardella saxicolarock monardellae SnGb

Table 2. Species Nearly Endemic to SnGb

#FamScientific NameCommon NameGeographic Range
16EricaArctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. gabrielensisSan Gabriel manzanitaSnGb, s ScoRO (Sierra Madre Mtns)
17ConvoCalystegia peirsoniiPeirson's morning-gloryn SnGb, adj DMoj
18PolygEriogonum microthecum var. johnstoniiJohnston's buckwheate SnGb, w SnBr, but a doubtful taxon
19PolygEriogonum umbellatum var. minusalpine sulfur-flowered buckwheatSnGb, SnBr, but only two locations at SnBr.
20PolemGilia ochroleuca ssp. vividavolcanic giliaSnGb, Teh
21AsterHulsea vestita ssp. gabrielensisSan Gabriel Mtns. sunflowerSnGb, e WTR
22OrobaOrobanche valida ssp. validaRock Creek broomrapec WTR (Topatopa Mtns), SnGb. There is only a single voucher from the Topatopa Mtns.
23FagacQuercus durata var. gabrielensisSan Gabriel Mtns. leather oakSnGb (s slope), se WTR; vouchers now from Yucaipa and Beaumont.
24AsterSymphyotrichum greataeGreata's asterSnGb (S slope); vouchers now from Verdugo Mtns, Santa Monica Mtns, Topatopa Mtns, Liebre Mtns, but the overwhelming number of vouchers are from SnGb.

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