Everlasting (Gnaphalium sp.) Names and Locations from Lists

One of the identification problems of everlastings is what to call them. The table below presents scientific and common names for everlastings, Gnaphalium spp., found in the San Gabriel Mountains. No two sources agree on both the common name and the scientific name!


  1. Flora of Lower Eaton Canyon, taken from Bob Muns, amended and additional data added by Rick Fisher, undated

  2. Preliminary Checklist for the Verdugo Mountains and San Rafael Hills, Los Angeles County, prepared by Valerie Sosa and LeRoy Gross, Herbarium, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, CA, 10/26/00

  3. Vascular Flora of the Liebre Mountains, Western Transverse Ranges, California, Steve Boyd, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Occasional Publications, Number 5, Claremont, CA, November 1999

  4. CalFlora Search for "gnaphalium" and "Los Angeles County". Observation records for the San Gabriel Mountains. Uses names from the Jepson Manual.

Scientific NameCommon NameSource/Location
Gnaphalium beneolens Davidson---  3 
Gnaphalium bicolorTwo-Tone Everlasting1   
Gnaphalium bicolor BiolettiCudweed 2  
Gnaphalium bicolor BiolettiBioletti's cudweed,
twocolor cudweed
Gnaphalium bicolor Bioletti---  3 
Gnaphalium californicumgreen everlasting1   
Gnaphalium californicum DC,
Includes Munz's Gnaphalium macounii Greene
California Everlasting   4
Gnaphalium californicum DCCudweed 2  
Gnaphalium californicum DC---  3 
Gnaphalium canescens DC ssp. beneolens (Davidson) Stebb.,
Munz: Gnaphalium beneolens A. Davids.
everlasting cudweed   4
Gnaphalium canescens DC ssp. beneolens (Davidson) Stebb. & KeilCudweed 2  
Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalumFelt-Leaf Everlasting1   
Gnaphalium canescens DC ssp. microcephalum (Nutt.) Stebb. & KeilCudweed 2  
Gnaphalium canescens DC ssp. microcephalum (Nutt.) Stebb. & Keil,
Munz: Gnaphalium microcephalum Nutt.
white everlasting,
smallhead cudweed
Gnaphalium luteo-album L.---  3 
Gnaphalium microcephalum Nutt.---  3 
Gnaphalium purpureum L.Cudweed 2  
Gnaphalium palustre Nutt.western marsh cudweed   4
Gnaphalium palustre Nutt.---  3 
Gnaphalium ramosissimum Nutt.pink cudweed   4
Gnaphalium speciesWhite Everlasting1   
Gnaphalium speciesCudweed1   
Gnaphalium stramineum Kunth,
Munz: Gnaphalium chilense Spreng.
Chilean cudweed   4
Gnaphalium stramineum Kunth---  3 
Gnaphalium thermale E. Nelson---  3 

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