Flora of Lower Eaton Canyon

The Flora
Comments On Some Taxa


This page gives the most recent list of taxa found in Lower Eaton Canyon, from Eaton Canyon Park north to Eaton Falls. Eaton Falls is at an elevation of ~1550 feet, and the top of the Horse Trail at the Mt. Wilson Toll Road is at ~1600 feet. The lowest elevation north of New York Drive is ~920 feet.

Eaton Canyon is an unusual and interesting place botanically. It is naturally rich in plants due to the usually-abundant water and wide wash. The drainage area for Eaton Canyon is very large, 22.8 sq. miles.

In the Wash, the stream channel is usually narrow, with a series of old terraces at progressively higher elevations. The terraces end abruptly on the west at a high canyon wall. On the east, a series of side canyons provide even more niches for plants, including even what is called a "meadow".

What is perhaps most interesting for botanists here is that to a first approximation, the flooding regime in the canyon is still natural. No dams exist in any of the drainages to impede the scouring of flash floods. Hence periodic floods like in 1969 wipe the entire Wash clean of plants, a very natural occurrence, and something that is absolutely necessary for some species to thrive.

However, Eaton Canyon unfortunately does suffer the effect of humans. Today and in the past, humans use the canyon extensively. The list goes on and on:

As a result of the human activity, the Wash had become choked with non-native plants such as arundo and castor bean. As part of the mitigation for the La Vina development in Altadena, the worst of these weeds have been almost completely removed from a large area of the Wash, a very good thing. Unfortunately, a significant part of the Wash has been planted with native plants procured from outside the Wash, which is not necessarily a good thing. It was possibly necessary to do this to help prevent the exotics from reclaiming that area, but it has introduced species not formerly present in the Wash, and brought in exotic genes even for species present in the Wash.

The Canyon was nearly completely burned in the 1993 fire. Afterward, the Canyon was seeded, a very dumb thing to do. It is one of the peculiar aspects of the human character that we often feel the need to "do something", even in cases where the best action is "no action". In this case, many studies have shown that seeding after a fire impedes the recovery of the native vegetation, and does nothing to prevent erosion. The native vegetation has been primed by thousands of years of experience to recover on its own after a fire.

For more information about Eaton Canyon, see:

For over 700 photos of 124 species found here, with descriptions, see Common Plants of Eaton Canyon and the San Gabriel Foothills, a Field Guide on CD.

Plant Trail Guides: West Bank Trail.

The Flora

This flora reports only the taxa found outside the planted areas of Eaton Canyon, which includes the area around the Nature Center and the fenced mitigation area.

Most of the taxa come from the Checklist from Bob Muns. Many people have contributed additions and changes to Bob's checklist. Only a small number of the taxa come from our work; we are primarily simply making available the work of many different people.

We are in the process of vouchering these taxa. Future updates for this page will contain the voucher status of each taxon.

A quick reference to the changes is given in the column Source below, coded as follows: the rightmost digit gives the original source for that taxa, which may be only a genera without a species. The next digit to the left gives the next source which either further refined the taxa or verified the taxa with a herbarium voucher, and so on.

The code for different observers is:

1Bob Muns
2Rick Fisher, Mickey Long et al printed flora, ~2000, a compilation from several different people
3Mickey Long's List, a compilation from several different people
4Jane Strong
5Jane Strong and Tom Chester
6Vouchers reported in Calflora
7Rick Fisher, Mickey Long et al printed flora, 2002, a compilation from several different people
8Jason Hollinger

An example will make this clear. Consider the most complicated case of Lotus argophyllus var. argophyllus, with a code of 421. The rightmost digit is 1, meaning it came originally from Bob's list, where, in this case, it was Lotus sp.. The next digit to the left is 2, meaning that Rick Fisher added more information. In this case, Rick added the species name of Lotus argophyllus. The next digit to the left is 4, meaning that Jane Strong added more information. In this case, Jane identified the subspecies.

A voucher source record is given even if it contributed no refinement of the taxa.

The column Our # gives the number of trails anyplace in Southern California on which we have found a given taxon. The column Total # gives the number of trails plus the number of floras in our database in which a given taxon appears. Thus these numbers are guides to how unique a taxon is to Lower Eaton Canyon.

The column id? gives the further work that needs to be done for some taxa. The codes there are as follows: sp indicates that although the genera has been identified, there is uncertainty about the identification for the species (15 taxa are in this category); ssp indicates that the subspecies remains to be identified (40 taxa are in this category).

An asterisk before the common name indicates a taxon not-native to California.

Comments on some of the taxa follow the table, each of which is linked to the common name of the taxa.

# id? Latin Name (*)Common Name Source Our # Total #

Ferns and Fern Allies

DryopteridaceaeWoodfern Family
1 Dryopteris argutaCalifornia wood fern1213
EquisetaceaeHorsetail Family
2 Equisetum hyemale ssp. affinehorsetail125
PolypodiaceaePolypody Family
3 Polypodium californicumCalifornia polypody1213
PteridaceaeFern Family
4 Adiantum capillus-venerissouthern maiden-hair105
5 Aspidotis californicaCalifornia lace fern116
6 Pellaea andromedifoliacoffee fern1516
7 Pellaea mucronata var. mucronatabird's-foot fern611116
8 Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularisgoldback fern7448
9 Pteris vittata*ladder brake6101
SelaginellaceaeSpike Moss Family
10 Selaginella bigeloviiBigelow's spike-moss1718


PinaceaePine Family
11 Pinus canariensis*Canary Island pine701
12 Pinus jeffreyiJeffrey pine41116
13spPinus sp.pine+402
14spPinus sp.pine+702
15 Pseudotsuga macrocarpabigcone spruce137


AceraceaeMaple Family
16 Acer macrophyllumbigleaf maple139
AizoaceaeCarpet-Weed Family
17 Carpobrotus edulis*yellow ice plant105
AmaranthaceaeAmaranth Family
18 Amaranthus albus*tumble pigweed119
AnacardiaceaeSumac Family
19 Malosma laurinalaurel sumac11424
20 Rhus integrifolialemonade berry1410
21 Rhus ovatasugar bush11221
22 Rhus trilobatasquawbush1714
23 Schinus molle*Peruvian pepper tree126
24 Toxicodendron diversilobumpoison oak11325
ApiaceaeCarrot Family
25 Anthriscus caucalis*bur chervil124
26 Conium maculatum*poison hemlock319
27 Daucus pusillusrattlesnake weed118
28 Foeniculum vulgare*fennel1514
29 Tauschia argutasouthern tauschia6117
ApocynaceaeDogbane Family
30 Nerium oleander*oleander425
31 Vinca major*greater periwinkle139
AsclepiadaceaeMilkweed Family
32 Asclepias eriocarpaIndian milkweed149
AsteraceaeSunflower Family
33 Achillea millefoliumyarrow129
34 Ageratina adenophora*eupatory124
35 Ambrosia acanthicarpabur-ragweed139
36 Artemisia californicaCalifornia sagebrush11829
37 Artemisia douglasianamugwort11121
38 Artemisia dracunculuswild tarragon11324
39sspArtemisia tridentatabig sagebrushnp?114
40 Aster greataeGreata's aster601
41 Baccharis pilulariscoyote bush11020
42 Baccharis salicifoliamule fat11426
43 Bidens pilosa var. pilosa*common beggar-ticks116
44 Brickellia californicaCalifornia brickellbush11323
45 Brickellia neviniiNevin's brickellia6116
46 Centaurea melitensis*tocalote11527
47 Chaenactis artemisiifoliameally white pincushion7211
48sspChaenactis glabriusculayellow pincushion105
49 Chrysanthemum coronarium*crown daisy4211
50 Cirsium occidentale var. californicumCalifornia thistle1312
51 Cirsium occidentale var. occidentalecobwebby thistle128
52 Cirsium vulgare*bull thistle128
53 Conyza bonariensis*little horseweed1413
54 Conyza canadensishorseweed11021
55 Coreopsis bigeloviiBigelow's coreopsis514
56 Cotula australis*Australian brass-buttons118
57 Eclipta prostratafalse daisy104
58 Encelia actoniActon's encelia413
59 Encelia californicaCalifornia encelia*5614
60 Ericameria parishii var. parishiiParish's goldenbush104
61 Ericameria pinifoliapine goldenbush116
62sspErigeron foliosusleafy daisy1210
63 Erigeron karvinskianus*Latin American fleabane401
64 Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow512140
65 Filago californicaCalifornia filago1211
66 Filago gallica*narrowleaf filago2714
67 Gnaphalium bicolorbicolored everlasting1818
68 Gnaphalium californicumCalifornia everlasting611224
69 Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalumwhite everlasting11425
70 Gnaphalium luteo-album*common cudweed4117
71spGnaphalium sp.everlasting102
72sspHazardia squarrosasaw-toothed goldenbush117
73 Hedypnois cretica*Crete weed1310
74 Helianthus annuusannual sunflower1311
75 Hemizonia kelloggiiKellogg's tarweed+602
76 Heterotheca grandifloratelegraph weed11325
77 Heterotheca sessiliflora ssp. echioidesbristly goldenaster559
78 Heterotheca sessiliflora ssp. fastigiataerect goldenaster5134
79 Hypochaeris glabra*smooth cat's ear1516
80sspIsocoma menziesiicoastal goldenbush705
81 Lactuca serriola*prickly lettuce1718
82spLasthenia sp.goldfields401
83 Lepidospartum squamatumscale-broom6129
84 Lessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifoliaCalifornia-aster611825
85 Malacothrix glabratadesert dandelion301
86sspMalacothrix saxatiliscliff-aster107
87 Osteospermum fruticosum*African daisy103
88 Rafinesquia californicaCalifornia chicory4929
89 Senecio flaccidus var. douglasiicreek senecio1511
90 Senecio vulgaris*common groundsel1211
91 Silybum marianum*milk thistle128
92 Sonchus asper ssp. asper*prickly sow thistle129
93 Sonchus oleraceus*sow thistle1820
94 Stephanomeria cichoriaceachicory-leaved stephanomeria127
95sspStephanomeria virgatatwiggy wreath plant1413
96 Stylocline gnaphaloideseverlasting nest-straw416
97 Xanthium strumariumcocklebur1315
BetulaceaeBirch Family
98 Alnus rhombifoliawhite alder1310
BoraginaceaeBorage Family
99 Amsinckia menziesii var. intermediayellow fiddleneck708
100 Amsinckia menziesii var. menziesiiMenzies fiddleneck418
101 Cryptantha muricataprickly cryptantha1612
102spCryptantha sp. 104
103 Pectocarya penicillatawinged pectocarya115
BrassicaceaeMustard Family
104 Brassica nigra*black mustard1313
105 Brassica rapa*field mustard106
106 Capsella bursa-pastoris*shepherd's purse119
107 Cardamine oligospermabittercress123
108 Coronopus didymus*lesser swine cress105
109sspDescurainia pinnatawestern tansy-mustard6102
110sspErysimum capitatumwestern wallflower128
111 Hirschfeldia incana*shortpod mustard11527
112 Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass102
113sspLepidium oblongumveiny pepper-grass401
114 Lepidium virginicum var. pubescenswild pepper-grass4114
115 Lepidium virginicum var. robinsoniiRobinson's pepper-grass103
116 Lepidium virginicum var. virginicum*wild pepper-grass402
117 Lobularia maritima*sweet alyssum1110
118 Raphanus sativus*wild radish1213
119 Rorippa curvisiliquacurvepod yellow-cress302
120 Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticumwater cress129
121 Sisymbrium altissimum*tumble-mustard105
122 Sisymbrium irio*London rocket108
123 Sisymbrium officinale*hedge mustard119
124 Sisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustard1211
125 Thysanocarpus laciniatuslace-pod41210
CactaceaeCactus Family
126 Opuntia ficus-indica*mission cactus127
127 Opuntia littoraliscoast prickly-pear1510
128 Opuntia XvaseyiVasey's prickly pear5912
CannabaceaeHemp Family
129 Cannabis sativa*marijuana101
CaprifoliaceaeHoneysuckle Family
130 Lonicera subspicata var. denudatasouthern honeysuckle511419
131 Sambucus mexicanablue elderberry11730
132 Symphoricarpos molliscreeping snowberry1312
CaryophyllaceaePink Family
133 Cerastium glomeratum*mouse-ear chickweed1310
134sspLoeflingia squarrosaspreading loeflingia301
135 Polycarpon tetraphyllum*four-leaf polycarp4128
136 Sagina apetaladwarf pearlwort102
137 Silene antirrhinasnapdragon campion103
138 Silene gallica*windmill pink1516
139 Silene laciniata ssp. majorsouthern Indian pink1111
140 Spergularia bocconei*sand spurrey4212
141 Stellaria media*common chickweed1313
ChenopodiaceaeGoosefoot Family
142 Atriplex semibaccata*creeping Australian saltbush1716
143 Chenopodium album*white goosefoot1616
144 Chenopodium ambrosioides*Mexican tea1313
145 Chenopodium botrys*Jerusalem oak115
146 Salsola tragus*Russian thistle11425
CistaceaeRock-Rose Family
147 Helianthemum scopariumrockrose1311
ConvolvulaceaeMorning Glory Family
148 Calystegia macrostegia ssp. intermediasouth coast morning-glory41613
149 Convolvulus arvensis*field bindweed118
CrassulaceaeStonecrop Family
150 Aeonium sp.*hybrid aeonium401
151 Crassula connatapygmy-weed1315
152 Crassula ovata*jade plant512
153 Crassula tillaea*Mediterranean pygmy-weed424
154sspDudleya cymosa ssp. pumilalow canyon dudleya+2101
155 Dudleya lanceolatalanceleaf dudleya21818
CucurbitaceaeGourd Family
156 Cucurbita foetidissimastinking gourd1210
157 Marah macrocarpus var. macrocarpuswild-cucumber511114
CuscutaceaeDodder Family
158 Cuscuta californica var. californicaCalifornia dodder51712
EricaceaeHeath Family
159 Arctostaphylos glaucabigberry manzanita1714
EuphorbiaceaeSpurge Family
160 Chamaesyce albomarginatarattlesnake weed2125
161 Chamaesyce melanadeniared-gland spurge8314
162 Croton californicusCalifornia croton128
163 Eremocarpus setigerusdove weed1413
164 Euphorbia peplus*petty spurge127
165 Ricinus communis*castor bean1514
FabaceaePea Family
166 Lathyrus vestitus var. vestituswild sweetpea6138
167 Lotus argophyllus var. argophyllussouthern California silver-lotus42104
168 Lotus corniculatus*bird's-foot lotus105
169 Lotus scoparius var. brevialatusshort-winged deerweed51815
170 Lotus strigosusBishop's lotus1514
171 Lotus wrangelianusChilean lotus104
172 Lupinus bicolordwarf lupine1313
173 Lupinus hirsutissimusstinging lupine1314
174sspLupinus sparsiflorusCoulter's lupine116
175 Lupinus succulentusarroyo lupine108
176 Lupinus truncatuscollar lupine1415
177 Medicago polymorpha*California burclover41941
178 Melilotus indica*sourclover1315
179spRobinia sp.*black locustnp?101
180 Spartium junceum*Spanish broom139
181 Trifolium hirtum*rose clover2112
182 Vicia villosa ssp. varia*winter vetch138
FagaceaeOak Family
183 Quercus agrifolia var. agrifoliacoast live oak511417
184 Quercus berberidifoliascrub oak1719
185 Quercus berberidifolia X Q. engelmanniiscrub oak X Engelmann oak169
186 Quercus chrysolepiscanyon live oak11117
187 Quercus durata var. gabrielensisSan Gabriel Mtns. leather oak412
188 Quercus durata var. gabrielensis X Q. engelmanniiSan Gabriel Mtns. leather oak hybrid701
189 Quercus engelmanniiEngelmann oak1812
GentianaceaeGentian Family
190 Centaurium venustumcanchalagua107
GeraniaceaeGeranium Family
191 Erodium botrys*long-beaked filaree1111
192 Erodium brachycarpum*short-fruited filaree124
193 Erodium cicutarium*redstem filaree11123
194 Erodium moschatum*white-stemmed filaree1414
GrossulariaceaeGooseberry Family
195 Ribes aureum var. gracillimumgolden currant2101
196 Ribes californicum var. hesperiumhillside gooseberry6123
197sspRibes malvaceumchaparral currant107
HydrophyllaceaePhacelia Family
198sspEmmenanthe penduliflorawhispering bells106
199sspEriodictyon crassifoliumthick-leaved yerba santa116
200 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia var. chrysanthemifoliaeucrypta51721
201sspNemophila menziesiibaby blue eyes103
202 Phacelia brachylobashort-lobed phacelia103
203sspPhacelia cicutariacaterpillar phacelia107
204 Phacelia distanscommon phacelia1211
205 Phacelia grandifloragiant-flowered phacelia305
206 Phacelia longipeslong-stalk phacelia112
207 Phacelia minorwild canterbury bells6137
208 Phacelia ramosissima var. latifoliabranching phacelia511116
209 Phacelia tanacetifoliatansy-leafed phacelia101
JuglandaceaeWalnut Family
210sspJuglans californicaSouthern California black walnut105
LamiaceaeMint Family
211 Lamium amplexicaule*henbit126
212 Marrubium vulgare*horehound11122
213 Salvia apianawhite sage611525
214 Salvia columbariaechia1515
215 Salvia leucophyllapurple sagenp?105
216 Salvia melliferablack sage11627
217 Scutellaria tuberosacommon skullcap117
218 Stachys albenscobwebby hedge-nettle117
219 Trichostema lanatumwoolly bluecurls419
LauraceaeLaurel Family
220 Umbellularia californicaCalifornia bay139
LoasaceaeStick-Leaf Family
221spMentzelia sp.blazing star101
MalvaceaeMallow Family
222 Malva parviflora*cheeseweed7214
MyrtaceaeMyrtle Family
223spCallistemon sp.*bottlebrush402
224 Eucalyptus camaldulensis*Red River gum2104
225 Eucalyptus globulus*blue gum4211
NyctaginaceaeFour-O'Clock Family
226 Mirabilis californicaCalifornia four o'clock7416
OleaceaeOlive Family
227 Fraxinus velutinavelvet ash115
228 Olea europaea*olive126
OnagraceaeEvening Primrose Family
229 Camissonia bistortaCalifornia suncup119
230 Camissonia californicaCalifornia suncup1414
231 Camissonia confusaSan Bernardino sun-cup513
232 Camissonia micranthasmall-flowered evening-primrose119
233 Clarkia dudleyanaDudley's clarkia112
234 Clarkia epilobioidescanyon clarkia604
235 Clarkia purpureapurple clarkia105
236 Clarkia unguiculataelegant clarkia107
237 Epilobium angustifolium ssp. circumvagumfireweed113
238 Epilobium canum ssp. canumCalifornia fuchsia71513
239sspEpilobium ciliatumwillowherb116
240sspOenothera elataevening-primrose105
OxalidaceaeOxalis Family
241 Oxalis corniculata*creeping woodsorrel114
242 Oxalis pes-caprae*Bermuda buttercup119
PaeoniaceaePeony Family
243 Paeonia californicaCalifornia peony63412
PapaveraceaePoppy Family
244 Argemone munitaprickly poppy313
245 Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia poppy1818
246 Romneya coulteriCoulter's matilija poppy*102
PassifloraceaePassion-Flower Family
247 Passiflora caerulea*passion flower101
PlantaginaceaePlantain Family
248 Plantago erectaCalifornia plantain7010
249 Plantago lanceolata*English plantain1310
PlatanaceaeSycamore Family
250 Platanus racemosawestern sycamore1817
PolemoniaceaePhlox Family
251 Allophyllum divaricatumpurple false-gilia101
252 Eriastrum sapphirinumsapphire woolly-star103
253 Gilia angelensisangel's gilia118
254sspGilia capitataglobe gilia105
255sspGilia tricolorbird's eyes*101
256 Leptodactylon californicumprickly phlox128
257 Linanthus dianthiflorusground pink118
258spNavarretia sp.navarretia112
PolygonaceaeBuckwheat Family
259 Chorizanthe staticoidesTurkish rugging107
260 Eriogonum eleganselegant buckwheat7101
261 Eriogonum elongatum var. elongatumlong-stemmed buckwheat1615
262 Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosumCalifornia buckwheat511821
263 Lastarriaea coriacealeather spineflower115
264 Polygonum arenastrum*knotweed41223
265 Polygonum capitatum*knotweed101
266 Pterostegia drymarioidesthreadstem1112
267 Rumex crispus*curly dock1616
PortulacaceaePurslane Family
268 Calandrinia ciliatared maids1110
269 Claytonia parviflora ssp. parvifloranarrow-leaved miner's lettuce4411
270 Claytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicanasouthern miner's lettuce41612
271 Claytonia perfoliata ssp. perfoliataminer's lettuce5417
272 Portulaca oleracea*common purslane104
PrimulaceaePrimrose Family
273 Anagallis arvensis*scarlet pimpernel1415
RanunculaceaeButtercup Family
274 Clematis lasianthavirgin's bower2128
275 Delphinium cardinalescarlet larkspur6117
276sspDelphinium parryiblue larkspur102
RhamnaceaeBuckthorn Family
277 Ceanothus crassifoliushoaryleaf ceanothus1711
278 Ceanothus leucodermischaparral whitethorn1913
279 Ceanothus megacarpusbig-pod ceanothusnp?104
280 Ceanothus oliganthushairy ceanothus105
281 Rhamnus californica ssp. californicaCalifornia coffeeberry51715
282 Rhamnus crocearedberry1412
283 Rhamnus ilicifoliahollyleaf redberry11526
RosaceaeRose Family
284 Adenostoma fasciculatumchamise11424
285sspCercocarpus betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahogany107
286 Heteromeles arbutifoliatoyon11829
287 Horkelia cuneata ssp. puberulacoast horkelia602
288sspPotentilla glandulosasticky cinquefoil116
289 Prunus ilicifolia ssp. ilicifoliahollyleaf cherry5147
290 Rosa californicaCalifornia wild rose1311
291 Rubus ursinusCalifornia blackberry1514
RubiaceaeBedstraw Family
292sspGalium andrewsiiphlox-leaved bedstraw702
293sspGalium angustifoliumnarrow-leaved bedstraw128
294 Galium aparinecommon bedstraw1416
295 Galium porrigens var. porrigensgraceful bedstraw414
SalicaceaeWillow Family
296 Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpablack cottonwood1511
297 Populus fremontii ssp. fremontiiFremont cottonwood4719
298 Salix exiguanarrowleaf willow1411
299 Salix gooddingiiblack willow1410
300 Salix laevigatared willow1613
301 Salix lasiolepisarroyo willow11426
SaxifragaceaeSaxifrage Family
302 Boykinia rotundifoliaround-leaved boykinia62115
ScrophulariaceaeSnapdragon Family
303sspCastilleja exsertapurple owl's clover108
304 Castilleja foliolosawoolly Indian paintbrush407
305 Castilleja minor ssp. spiralislesser paintbrush104
306sspCollinsia heterophyllaChinese houses1210
307 Keckiella cordifoliaheartleaf penstemon1920
308 Keckiella ternata var. ternatawhorledleaf penstemon424
309sspLinaria canadensisblue toad-flax107
310 Mimulus aurantiacusbush monkeyflower11727
311 Mimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflower2111
312 Mimulus cardinalisscarlet monkeyflower1412
313 Mimulus floribundusfloriferous monkeyflower118
314 Mimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflower119
315 Penstemon centranthifoliusscarlet bugler149
316 Penstemon grinnellii var. grinnelliiGrinnell's beardtongue21810
317 Penstemon spectabilis var. spectabilisshowy penstemon7137
318sspScrophularia californicaCalifornia bee plant128
319 Verbascum blattaria*moth mullein115
320 Verbascum thapsus*common mullein115
321 Verbascum virgatum*wand mullein123
322 Veronica arvensis*corn speedwell401
323 Veronica persica*bird's-eye speedwell404
SimaroubaceaeQuassia Family
324 Ailanthus altissima*tree-of-heaven126
SolanaceaeNightshade Family
325 Datura stramonium*Jimson weed301
326 Datura wrightiisacred datura1616
327 Nicotiana glauca*tree tobacco1719
328 Solanum douglasiiwhite nightshade1313
329 Solanum xantipurple nightshade1514
TamaricaceaeTamarisk Family
330spTamarix sp.*tamarisk103
UrticaceaeNettle Family
331sspParietaria hesperapellitory105
332 Urtica dioica ssp. holosericeahoary nettle1312
333 Urtica urens*dwarf nettle106
ValerianaceaeValerian Family
334 Centranthus ruber*Jupiter's beard101
VerbenaceaeVervain Family
335 Verbena lasiostachys var. scabridawestern vervain324
336 Verbena tenuisecta*South American mock vervain101
ZygophyllaceaeCaltrop Family
337 Tribulus terrestris*puncture-vine107


ArecaceaePalm Family
338 Washingtonia robusta*Mexican Fan Palm514
CommelinaceaeSpiderwort Family
339spCommelina benghalensis*dayflower2101
CyperaceaeSedge Family
340spCarex sp.Sedge117
341 Cyperus eragrostisumbrella sedge41211
IridaceaeIris Family
342 Chasmanthe floribunda*chasmanthe412
343 Sisyrinchium bellumblue-eyed grass1113
JuncaceaeRush Family
344 Juncus balticuswire rush727
345 Juncus macrophylluslong-leaved rush716
346 Juncus sp.rush102
LiliaceaeLily Family
347 Agave americana*103
348 Bloomeria croceagoldenstar1111
349 Calochortus plummeraePlummer's mariposa lily102
350 Dichelostemma capitatum ssp. capitatumblue dicks511735
351 Lilium humboldtii ssp. ocellatumocellated Humboldt lily6102
352 Muilla maritimamuilla148
353 Yucca whipplei ssp. parishiichaparral yucca5178
OrchidaceaeOrchid Family
354 Piperia cooperirein orchid603
PoaceaeGrass Family
355 Achnatherum coronatumgiant needlegrass211118
356 Andropogon glomeratus var. scabriglumissouthwestern bushy bluestem601
357 Arundo donax*giant reed1313
358 Avena barbata*slender wild oats1921
359 Avena fatua*wild oats1415
360 Bromus diandrus*ripgut brome11628
361 Bromus hordeaceus*soft chess11022
362 Bromus madritensis ssp. rubens*red brome11525
363 Bromus tectorum*downy brome11520
364 Cynodon dactylon*bermuda grass1617
365 Digitaria sanguinalis*crabgrass115
366 Ehrharta erecta*upright veldt grass413
367 Hordeum murinum ssp. leporinum*foxtail barley511222
368 Lamarckia aurea*goldentop1415
369 Leymus condensatusgiant wild rye11020
370spLolium sp.*104
371 Melica imperfectasmall-flowered melica11122
372 Nassella lepidafoothill needlegrass1311
373 Pennisetum clandestinum*kikuyu grass114
374 Pennisetum setaceum*fountain grass139
375 Phalaris paradoxa*hood canarygrass102
376 Piptatherum miliaceum*smilo grass1815
377 Poa annua*annual blue grass1111
378 Polypogon monspeliensis*rabbits-foot grass1616
379 Schismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus1312
380spSetaria sp.*bristlegrass101
381 Vulpia myuros var. hirsuta*hairy rattail fescue5721
382 Vulpia myuros var. myuros*rattail fescue421513

Comments On Some Taxa

* Although Encelia californica, Gilia tricolor, Romneya coulteri, and Rosa californica are plants native to Southern California, they are non-native to Eaton Canyon. (The asterisks in front of the common name above only denote taxa non-native to California).

np? Artemisia tridentata, Salvia leucophylla, Robinia sp. and Ceanothus megacarpus. These species were originally observed by Bob Muns prior to the 1993 fire, and have not been seen since that time. Thus these may have been species planted in Eaton Canyon that were not native there.

+ Dudleya cymosa ssp. pumila. The subspecies given above is the one from a vouchered observation at somewhat higher altitude. Therefore the ssp in the lower Canyon still needs to be identified.

+ Hemizonia kelloggii. This species has so far only been found below New York Drive, so its existence above New York Drive has not been verified.

+ Pinus sp. There are at least two different unidentified species: 1. A single tree located in the upper canyon above the Toll Road Bridge. 2. A single tree at the junction of the "Horse Trail" and the Toll Road [not the two large pines next to the park service road]. This tree has 2 needles per bunch, each 1 1/2 inches [4 cm] long, yellow-green; with a symmetric, persistent, solitary, oval seed cone, 2 1/4 inches [6 cm]. It does not match P. halepensis, since the needles are too short and the cone is not asymmetrical.

We thank Rick Fisher for providing his latest plant list for Eaton Canyon, and for valuable comments to improve this page and the additions page.

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