Analysis of the Number of Plants on the Waterfall Trail, Eaton Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains

The plants on this trail are represented by the pink solid rectangle in the plots below.

The percentage of native plants is lower than the average for the elevation:

Compared to the rest of our trails, this trail is low in the number of native taxa. This quite likely could be due to the incompleteness of the guide. However, it could also be due to the high number of invasive non-native species here, especially eupatory, which has displaced many native species.

The number of non-native taxa is fairly low for this elevation. Many of the points with fewer non-native taxa are from higher altitude trails (see the first plot above). However, what it lacks in the number of non-native taxa, it more than makes up for in the number of non-native taxa. In particular, nearly the entire trail is lined with dense stands of eupatory.

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