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Seasons of the San Gabriels 2001

November 15, 2001
The Backside of Baden-Powell from the Manzanita Trail
Manzanita Trail, Angeles Crest Highway, Baldy, California black oak, bigleaf maple, chokecherry, serviceberry, Sierra gooseberry, sulphur buckwheat, bracken fern

November 11, 2001
Eaton Canyon
scale-broom, California quail, sparrows, California buckwheat, mule deer, red willow

November 9, 2001
Angeles Crest Highway and Santa Clara Divide Road, Three Points to Sulphur Springs
California buckwheat, Chinese pistache, mountain lion, fremontia

October 11, 2001
Lone Pine Canyon Road, Big Pines, near Islip Saddle, Chilao Road
silk-tassel bush, Parry manzanita, white fir, dogbane

January 17, 2001
Brown Mountain Fire Road
dudleya, California towhee, dark-eyed junco, hoaryleaf ceanothus, gray-leaved buckwheat, fourwing saltbush

January 8, 2001
Mt. Wilson Toll Road, Horse Trail and Eaton Canyon Service Road
spikemoss, felt-leaf everlasting, California suncup, black mustard, red-stem filaree, mule fat, long-stemmed buckwheat, California buckwheat



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