Observations of Plants Blooming in the San Gabriel Mountains, With Locations, April-June 2000

In these descriptions of the flowers blooming along the trails and roads, plants are generally only listed the first time they are seen along a given trail or road. An exception occurs for trips with significant elevation change. For those trips, the plants are repeated in each elevational section, so that one may see where each one drops out and thus obtain an elevational range, and a sense of the progression of seasons by altitude.

Single plants are listed for reference only and are not included in the Plants Blooming list or Blooms table. Plants that are just beginning to bloom are marked with (b) after the name, and those ending with (e).

June 22, Old Logging road to just beyond Buckhorn Spring (~6600')

The trailhead is on the Angeles Crest Highway, nearly across from the exit of Buckhorn Campground (~MM 59.05).

June 19, Angeles Crest Highway, Three Points to Lightning Ridge

June 10, 15, and 22; Angeles Crest Highway to Vetter Mountain

May 28, San Gabriel Canyon Road to South Mt. Hawkins (7783')

May 22, Big Tujunga Road, The Pines Picnic Area (3440') and Switzer's Picnic Area (3520')

May 17, Angeles Crest Highway to Three Points, Santa Clara Divide Road, Mt. Hillyer (6220')

May 15, Sunset Peak (5796') from the new trailhead 3.3 miles west of Cow Canyon Saddle at the intersection of Glendora Ridge Road and Sunset Ridge Fire Road

May 1, Angeles Forest Highway, Mt. Emma Road, Big Pines Highway

April 27, Monrovia Canyon, "Bill" Cull Trail to waterfall

April 25, Millard Canyon Waterfall Trail

Just before sunset after a warm and sunny day.

Parking Lot to waterfall: black locust trees by parking lot, (mule fat ended), eupatory, white nightshade.

April 25, Mt. Wilson Trail

High temperature was 77° F along the trail; conditions were warm and sunny.

April 23, Angeles Crest Highway

These blooms are in addition to those seen on April 7 on this route.

April 19, Mt. Wilson Toll Road

High 70s; clear and calm, 3" rain previous 2 days; plants not repeated when seen higher up.

April 11, Mt. Wilson Trail

High temperature was 84° F along the trail; conditions were warm and sunny.

April 10, Eaton Canyon Trail

Beginning where the horse trail takes off from the near end of the parking lot to the bridge. No irrigated areas. Plants approximately in order from wash to bridge. Not repeated when seen again. All right next to the trail.

April 7, Angeles Crest Highway

High temperature at Chilao 76° F, it felt warmer; sky was milky and smoggy, high inversion.

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