Blue Sky Ecological Reserve To Mt. Woodson Trip Logs

Via Lake Poway Trail, Mt. Woodson Trail, Fry-Koegel Trail, Ridge Trail To Mt. Woodson

For a description of these hikes, see Blue Sky Ecological Reserve To Mt. Woodson.

20 August 1999 (partial trip, taking Fry-Koegel Trail 0.3 miles northeast from the ridge)
30 August 1999 (via middle trail)
15 October 1999 (via middle trail)

Key for all trip logs

20 August 1999

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.003:06 650Parking lot.
10.753:25 600Jct. Trail to Lake Poway. Right.
21.023:32 700Jct. Lake Poway Trail. Left.
31.253:38 850Sign: "Lake Poway Trail 1.0". 84° and humid, and I'm seriously sweating!
41.974:00 900Jct. Mt. Woodson Trail. Left.
52.274:14 1200Jct. Road. Left.
62.424:20 1300Sign: "Mt. Woodson Trail 0.5 mile"
72.774:33 1450Jct. Fry-Koegel Trail. Left.
83.004:41 1600Sign: "Fry-Koegel Trail 1.0". Left.
93.425:005:102000The Tree. 79°.
103.525:13 2200Jct. Westernmost Trail and another trail. Took second trail on left, which I assume is Fry-Koegel Trail.
113.825:23 2050Turnaround.
124.105:33 2200=10
144.756:02 1650=9
155.006:07 1650=7
165.426:19 1400Sign: "Mt. Woodson Trail 0.5 mile"
175.956:30 950Jct. Lake Poway Trail. Right.
186.606:48 800Sign: "Lake Poway Trail 1.0"
197.156:59 700Jct. Green Valley Truck Trail in Blue Sky. Left.
207.807:17 650Car

30 August 1999

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.002:00 700Parking Lot. 84°.
10.952:20 600Jct. Trail to Lake Poway. Right.
21.522:34 900Sign: "Lake Poway Trail 1.0"
32.302:57 1000Jct. Mount Woodson Trail. Left. 88°. 0.5 liter. Drone of model aircraft on Lake Poway.
42.783:17 1400Sign: "Mt. Woodson Trail 0.5 mile".
53.263:32 1550Jct. Fry-Koegel Trail. Left.
63.503:40 1700Sign: "Fry-Koegel Trail 1.0 mile"
73.903:594:092050The Tree. 77° and a cool breeze up here, much cooler than down below, whci was sans breeze. 0.9 liter.
85.024:49 2750West end of peak of Mt. Woodson
95.134:53 2850Summit of road just past gate.
105.254:555:112850Just east of peak. 74°. 1.15 liter.
116.025:36 2450Jct. walled-off trail.
126.705:51 2100The Tree.
137.136:12 1750Sign: "Fry-Koegel Trail 1.0 mile". Saw non-rattlesnake at 6:16.
147.326:17 1600Jct. Mount Woodson Trail. Right.
157.756:29 1450Sign: "Mt. Woodson Trail 0.5 mile".
168.256:41 1050Jct. Lake Poway Trail. Right.
178.906:57 950Sign: "Lake Poway Trail 1.0"
189.377:11 800Jct. Green Valley Truck Trail in Blue Sky. Left.
1910.157:29 800Car.

15 October 1999

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.0010:36 700parking lot
10.7510:53 550Jct. Trail to Lake Poway. Right.
21.1011:06 800Jct. Lake Poway Trail. Left.
32.0011:32 1050Jct. Mt. Woodson Trail. Left.
42.5011:47 1400Sign: "Mt. Woodson Trail 0.5 miles". 67° on shade north slope here the entire way for this section
52.8912:01 1550Jct. Fry - Koegel Trail. Left. Yucca still dropping seeds.
63.0212:10 1700Sign: "Fry Koegel Trail 0.5 mile"
73.5012:2712:392100The Tree. 68°
83.7012:45 2300Fork to left now seriously blocked.
93.9212:53 2450Short trail on right to sign on old trail, entrance blocked by rocks across trail.
104.501:14 2720The Boulder Flake, just after beginning of the eroded road.
114.651:19 2900Road Summit at Mt. Woodson
124.741:221:462900Just east of summit, a good Ramona overlook. Water consumption: 0.9 liters on arrival / 1.3 liters on departure. Turnaround point.
136.202:232:382100The Tree. 68° again.
146.402:43 2000Pac-Man Rock
156.652:49 1800Sign: "Fry Koegel Trail 1.0 mile"
166.822:54 1700Jct. Mt. Woodson Trail. Right.
177.253:04 1500Sign: "Mt. Woodson Trail 0.5 miles"
187.703:16 1050Jct. Lake Poway Trail. Right.
199.704:02 800Car

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