Plant Guide to
Bayside Trail, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

MileS#id?Common NameLatin Name#here#all
0.00   Beginning of road to Bayside Trail immediately east of Lighthouse, elevation ~400 feet.
0.00r  Sign: "Bayside Trail".
0.00r1 giant wild ryeLeymus condensatus10 / 322
0.00r2 California buckwheatEriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosum20 / 937
0.00r3 California enceliaEncelia californica99 / 912
0.00r4 California sagebrushArtemisia californica99 / 932
0.01l  (Scrub oak, Quercus dumosa)
0.01r5sptall coast prickly pearOpuntia oricola+10 / 92
0.01r  (black sage, Salvia mellifera)
0.01r6 broom baccharisBaccharis sarothroides99 / 97
0.01r7 lemonade berryRhus integrifolia99 / 911
0.01r8~saltgrassDistichlis spicata20 / 310
0.02r9~San Diego wreathplantStephanomeria diegensis99 / 511
0.02r10 *red bromeBromus madritensis ssp. rubens5 / 136
0.06r11 chaparral bush mallowMalacothamnus fasciculatus3 / 210
0.06r  High Voltage boxes
0.07r12 cliff spurgeEuphorbia misera10 / 51
0.09r13~slender tarweedHemizonia fasciculata40 / 410
0.09r14 toyonHeteromeles arbutifolia6 / 635
0.10r15 black sageSalvia mellifera50 / 930
0.10r16 deerweedLotus scoparius var. scoparius20 / 919
0.12r17~seashore bentgrassAgrostis pallens20 / 54
0.12r18 ladies fingersDudleya edulis40 / 97
0.12r19 lanceleaf dudleyaDudleya lanceolata40 / 916
0.13r20 California-asterLessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifolia+2 / 238
0.14r21 golden yarrowEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorum20 / 940
0.15r22 coastal goldenbushIsocoma menziesii+5 / 38
0.15r23?needlegrass?Nassella sp.?5 / 2 
0.16r24 *Russian thistleSalsola tragus20 / 322
0.17l25 bicolored everlastingGnaphalium bicolor2 / 222
0.18r  (Mohave yucca, Yucca schidigera)
0.18r26spchollaOpuntia sp.3 / 3 
0.18l27~four-wing saltbushAtriplex canescens ssp. canescens1 / 11
0.21r28 *redstem filareeErodium cicutarium3 / 134
0.22l29 laurel sumacMalosma laurina1 / 129
0.23r30~coast locoweedAstragalus trichopodus var. lonchus50 / 93
0.24r31 *Mediterranean schismusSchismus barbatus5 / 111
0.24r32 *crystalline ice plantMesembryanthemum crystallinum5 / 15
0.24r33~*yellow ice plantCarpobrotus edulis1 / 11
0.24r34sppopcorn flowerCryptantha sp.1 / 1 
0.24r35?unk fleshy rosette of oblanceolate lvs.?5 / 1 
0.24r36?unk- baby slender-leaved ice plant?M. nodiflorum?1 / 1 
0.26r37 big saltbushAtriplex lentiformis ssp. lentiformis6 / 62
0.27l38 bladderpodIsomeris arborea2 / 27
0.27r  Jct. Bayside Trail itself; elevation ~315 feet. Turn left and take it. Sign: Bayside Trail, 1.2 miles". (Perhaps the 1.2 miles is the roundtrip distance, since it is ~0.7 mile to the "Trail ends" sign.)
0.29l39 Mohave yuccaYucca schidigera1 / 15
0.30r  Sign: "Dryland Pioneers" with illustrations of prickly pear, cholla, Shaw's agave, and Mohave yucca.
0.33r  Sign: "Communities", with illustrations of black sage, coastal sagebrush, cliff spurge, and chamise.
0.33r40 climbing bedstrawGalium nuttallii ssp. nuttallii3 / 316
0.37r  Sign: "Spring colors", with illustrations of morning glory vine, blue dicks, Indian paintbrush, and California encelia.
0.39r  Sign: "Weather", discussing the different communities of north- and south-facing slopes.
0.41   Trail curves left; elevation ~260 feet.
0.41r41?unk like wallflowerErysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum?1 / 1 
0.42l  Concrete and metal drain; begin posts along trail on right
0.44r  Jct. use trail.
0.46l  Concrete drain.
0.47r  Sign: "Something in the Air", with illustrations of salt bush, bladderpod, and California buckwheat.
0.48r  A very old bladderpod (Isomeris arborea).
0.50r  A green cement box; trail curves left.
0.52r  Sign: "Aliens and Natives", with illustrations of acacia, iceplant, sea dahlia and myoporum.
0.52l42 sea dahliaCoreopsis maritima5 / 14
0.52l  Building with huge doors and very wide-spaced railroad tracks (~4.5 feet apart).
0.52r43ssppurple snapdragonAntirrhinum nuttallianum ssp. nuttallianum10 / 111
0.52r44 virgin's bowerClematis lasiantha10 / 25
0.54l45 narrowleaf bedstrawGalium angustifolium ssp. angustifolium1 / 139
0.54l46 wild-cucumberMarah macrocarpus var. macrocarpus1 / 135
0.54r  Sign: "Uneasy Neighbors" discussing lichens.
0.56l  Green building with 1 door, 3 windows and 2 "storage" doors. Bench without back on right.
0.57l  Working drinking fountain. Sign on right: "Waves of Wings", with illustrations of Anna's hummingbird, wrentit, Townsend's warbler, and bushtit. Switchback right; elevation ~210 feet.
0.63r  Sign: "On the Sunny Side", with illustrations of western fence lizard, California striped racer, opossum, California whiptail, and Southern Pacific rattlesnake. Trail curves left 90°.
0.66r  Sign: "Ecology of Fire".
0.69r  Sign: "Community Service", discussing the need to preserve entire communities.
0.74r  Sign: "Local Birds", with illustrations of California quail, Bewick's wren, Rufous-sided towhee, and American kestrel.
0.75l47 bush monkeyflowerMimulus aurantiacus3 / 131
0.76l48 California polypodyPolypodium californicum20 / 214
0.78r  Sign: "Precious Water", with illustrations of toyon, scrub oak, and lemonade berry. Switchback right.
0.84r  Sign: "Nightlife", with illustrations of deer mouse, gray fox, and woodrat.
0.85r  View of Shaw's agave (Agave shawii) below the trail, with a steep use trail leading down to it. Please stay on the trail and see the one only 0.12 miles farther on the trail.
0.86r  Sign: "Small and Specialized", with illustrations of funnel-web spider, Harlequin bug, and yucca moth.
0.93l  Bench without back at a drainage; elevation ~155 feet.
0.96r  Sign: "Point Loma", discussing the history of the point, and giving the age of the sandstone as 65-75 million years.
0.97r49 Shaw's agaveAgave shawii1 / 12
0.99l ~(wartystem ceanothus, Ceanothus verrucosus)
1.00r  Sign: "Trail ends - Return by same route"; and "The Point Loma Ecological Reserve", containing 640 acres of the 1500 acres on the Point.
1.02r50 bushrueCneoridium dumosum1 / 13
1.06   Trail really ends at a big gate, signed "No Tresspassing"; elevation ~80 feet. Guide ends here; return the same way.
Updated 14 February 2004.