Target Species for PCT North of Scissors Crossing, San Felipe Valley

This page contains an older list of target species for this area, some of which we've subsequently found.

For the latest flora of this area, see Flora of the PCT North of Scissors Crossing.

Target Species

Scientific NameLocationDescription
Abronia villosa var. aurita0.25 mi. south of Hwy 78 near Scissors Crossing 
Allium fimbriatum var. fimbriatumon Highway 78 9.5 mi e Julian 
Brickellia arguta var. odontolepisPlant on PCT 
Calandrinia ciliataPCT 
Calochortus splendensPCT 2592 feet 
Camissonia confusaS2 2 miles north of SR78 
Centrostegia thurberiPCT 2759 feet 
Chamaesyce abramsiana0.6 mile SW of Scissors Crossingmonsoonal annual; lf entire to toothed toward tip; hairy to subglabrous; stipules separate, 25-parted; gland round to elliptic; seed traversely ridged
Descurainia sophia0.8 mi E of Highway S-2 
Eriogonum maculatumNear Scissors Crossinglvs basal and cauline
Eriogonum thurberiAlong S2Fls white to red, glandular-hairy with a tuft of long white hairs adaxially, outer perianth lobes gen fan-shaped
Eriophyllum pringleiNear Scissors Crossingannual; heads discoid; peduncle < 1 cm
Erodium brachycarpumPlant on PCT 
Hoffmannseggia glaucanear Scissors Crossing 
Kallstroemia californica0.6 mile SW of Scissors Crossingmonsoonal annual
Lamium amplexicaule0.8 mi E of Highway S-2 
Linanthus aureus0.25 mi. south of Hwy 78 near Scissors Crossingann; fls pedicelled; corolla > calyx; filaments glabrous; corolla tube < lobes, lobes bright yellow
Lotus humistratusNear Scissors Crossingannual; fr dehiscent; fls 1 per leaf axil, sessile, yellow; calyx lobes 1-2x tube
Malacothrix clevelandiiS2 2 miles north of SR78 
Mimulus brevipesScissors Crossing 
Mimulus fremontii1.5 mi w of Scissors Crossing 
Minuartia pusillaS2 2 miles north of SR78 
Mollugo cervianaS2 short distance south of Scissors Crossing 
Nemacladus glanduliferus var. orientalis0.5-1 mile north of Scissors Crossing, east side 
Nemacladus pinnatifidus0.5-1 mile north of Scissors Crossing, east side 
Nemacladus ramosissimus0.5-1 mile north of Scissors Crossing, east side 
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmanniiPlant on PCT 
Pectocarya setosaon SR78 
Penstemon thurberiAlong S2anther sacs dehiscing full length, spread widely apart; anthers glabrous; herbage and infl glabrous; lf margin entire; corolla 617 mm; openly branched shrub; lvs narrowly linear, gen rolled upward, gen < 1.4 mm wide
Phacelia cryptanthaS2 2 miles north of SR78 
Platystemon californicusPCT 
Portulaca oleracea0.6 mile SW of Scissors Crossing 
Carex almaSan Felipe Creek 
Atriplex triangularisSan Felipe Creek 
Bromus grandisSan Felipe Creek 
Polygonum punctatumSan Felipe Creek infl spike-like; perianth gland-dotted

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