Observations of Plants Blooming In the San Diego Area, With Locations, 2001

This page contains only a few infrequent observations of blooms along the trails and roads of San Diego County outside of the Fallbrook and Agua Tibia areas. We hike those latter areas much more frequently, and hence collect them in separate pages. See Observations of Plants Blooming In the Fallbrook Area, the Agua Tibia Area, and the Santa Rosa Plateau.

In these descriptions of the flowers blooming along the trails and roads, usually only the first encounter of a flower is listed, except for exceptional displays. If a flower is beginning or ending it is designated with (b) or (e) after the name.

The observations are presented in chronological order, with the latest observations at the end.

February 24 along Otay Mountain Truck Trail

~11 am to ~4 pm, conditions cloudy and cool. Blooms listed in order of remembrance, not in position order.

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