Picture 11126 110 years later

We have acquired copies of photographs taken from 1883 to 1890, and are attempting to take similar photographs today. The combination will show the changes that have occurred in the last 110-117 years.

Photograph 11126 was taken from this position, looking westward: (map to be added later).

We have been able to almost duplicate this photograph, although we haven't yet found the exact position from which the original was taken. It is possible that a large laurel sumac bush is currently preventing access to the exact location, and further that the picture was taken from a vantage point that is higher than the current ground level behind that rock:

Note the large rock with a crack in it, which has a large laurel sumac to the right. The rock perhaps is the rock marked with "7" in the photograph below.

The short shadows in the original photo indicate that it was taken in summer around noon. Our new photo was taken in winter in the afternoon, which resulted in extreme contrast between the shaded foreground and the illuminated background on the right. Hence we had to piece together different photographs to produce reasonable exposures for most of the picture. We haven't used PhotoShop, which probably would do a much better job of putting these photos together. However, nothing would really substitute for taking this picture again in the summer, so that the illumination pattern can match the older picture much more closely.

Here is a side by side comparison of the photos, with matching features labeled:


Here is a side by side comparison of the photos, with no labels:


Here is a side by side comparison of the photos, now with part of the background obscured near the railroad bench so that the bench can be more clearly seen:


Notes on the comparison:

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