Update Log for San Bernardino Mountains Website

14 August 2007 added elevation and prominence of san jacinto peak.

5 August 2007 added labeled pictures of ridgelines from Tahquitz peak, along with much extra discussion.

4 August 2007 added view ridgelines from Tahquitz peak.

29 October 2003 updated info about Southern California's largest fire in the last 8 decades, in sb/fires.

26 October 2003 added page with current fire information and closures.

9 October 2002 jane added list of nearby hiking areas as alternatives during the fire closure.

20 September 2002 jane corrected typos in heart bar plant list.

19 September 2002 added plant list for heart bar state park area, san birdoo mountain, from vouchers.

16 June 2002 added plant list for san jacinto mountain, from vouchers.

30 November 2001 jane added srm links page.

24 October 2001 jane added official national monument link.

23 November 2000 added pyle's san jac trail writeups.

22 November 2000 added crestline weather station.

14 November 2000 added elliot's round valley page.

7 November 2000 moved sgwa link erroneously placed in san jacinto mountains; updated format to make it more readable.

31 October 2000 updated 4 sgva links to sgwa links (their new url)

14 June 2000 updated url for sb forest association (index.html no longer worked).

6 June 2000 added bertha peak hike, big bear discovery center.

31 March 2000 added dollins san jac page.

16 March 2000 added mountaininfo page.

7 March 2000 added lambrecht's hiking page to backlog page.

1 March 2000 added topo map index

Previous updates are listed in the San Gabriel Mountains Update Log

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