Plant Guide to Palm Springs Tramway Sidewalk, San Jacinto Mountains

Here is an example of how to use the guide. You begin at the Jeffrey pine on your left, which is the only Jeffrey pine noted in the guide. There are many Jeffrey pines along this sidewalk; the estimate we put in the guide is 20 plants in at least 9 locations. At about 3 steps after the Jeffrey pine, there are two species visible in the distance to your right, sugar pine and green-leaf manzanita. You then have to walk 15 steps to the next species, the Grinnell's beardtongue. After two more steps you'll find the curl-leaf mountain-mahogany on your right. There are at least 20 plants of this species in at least 4 locations. Also on the right, next to the curl-leaf mountain-mahogany, is the San Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush. Immediately following those species the concrete sidewalk makes a sharp curve left, which is called a switchback.

An explanation of all the columns is at the end of the guide.

# StepsS#id?Common NameLatin Name#here
0lBegin guide at top of concrete sidewalk next to Tram Elevator Entrance; elevation ~8500 feet (2591 m)
0l1Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi20 / 9
3r(sugar pine, Pinus lambertiana at top of ridge; green-leaf manzanita, Arctostaphylos patula 20 feet uphill on closed access road)
15b2Grinnell's beardtonguePenstemon grinnellii var. grinnellii99 / 5
2Switchback left
0r3curl-leaf mountain-mahoganyCercocarpus ledifolius20 / 4
0r4San Bernardino rubber rabbitbrushEricameria nauseosa var. bernardina99 / 9
13r6white firAbies concolor8 / 5
16Switchback right
20r5San Jacinto Mts. keckiellaKeckiella rothrockii var. jacintensis20 / 2
8r7canyon live oakQuercus chrysolepis5 / 2
0Switchback left
44l8wild tarragonArtemisia dracunculus3 / 2
7l9sugar pinePinus lambertiana3 / 1
1Switchback right
60Switchback left
30l10Fremont's goosefootChenopodium fremontii3 / 1
24Switchback right
86r(Parish's campion, Silene parishii)
0r(Parish's bedstraw, Galium parishii)
17r11goldenrodSolidago velutina ssp. californica30 / 1
13r12granite prickly phloxLinanthus pungens10 / 2
0r13short-flowered monardellaMonardella nana12 / 1
l(Parish's snowberry, Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishii)
42r14Parish's bedstrawGalium parishii15 / 1
18l(woodland spurge, Euphorbia lurida; wax currant, Ribes cereum var. cereum)
20r(mountain California-fuchsia, Epilobium canum ssp. latifolium)
2r(California coffeeberry, Frangula californica)
21lSign: "Trail information"; end guide

# Steps: The number of steps from the previous entry in the guide to the current entry. Your mileage (aka step size) may vary!

S: Side of trail on which the first occurrence is found: left, right, both, or center

#: Species are numbered in order of first occurrence on trail.

#here gives the minimum number of on-trail plants of this species on this trail, with the number of locations on this trail following the /, using maximum values of 99/9. 1/1 means a single plant in a single location; 10/9 means 10 plants occurring in at least 9 locations, etc.
Updated 1 July 2017.