Plant Guide to Tamarack Valley Trail, San Jacinto Mountains

MileS#id?Common NameLatin Name#here#all
0.00l  Begin guide at jct. Round Valley and Wellman Divide; elevation 9040 feet (2755 m). Sign: "[south] Wellman Divide 1 mi; San Jacinto Peak 3.3 mi; Saddle Junction 4.3 mi; Humber Park 6.8 mi; [northwest] Tamarack Valley 0.5 mi; [east] Long Valley 2.
0.00r1 lodgepole pinePinus contorta ssp. murrayana99 / 916
0.00b  (white fir, Abies concolor)
0.00b2 wild tarragonArtemisia dracunculus50 / 933
0.00r3spsedgeCarex like C. fracta10 / 3 
0.00r  (mountain gooseberry, Ribes montigenum)
0.01r4 San Jacinto Mts. keckiellaKeckiella rothrockii var. jacintensis30 / 913
0.01l  (Parish's snowberry, Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishii)
0.02 5 white firAbies concolor50 / 933
0.02 6 mountain gooseberryRibes montigenum5 / 14
0.02r7 Parish's snowberrySymphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishii50 / 919
0.02l8 Jeffrey pinePinus jeffreyi30 / 935
0.04l  (mountain whitethorn, Ceanothus cordulatus)
0.08l sp(mystery sedge, Carex sp.)
0.10r9 goldenrodSolidago californica10 / 150
0.11l  Jct. campsite trail
0.12l  (Scouler's willow, Salix scouleriana; bush chinquapin, Chrysolepis sempervirens)
0.12   Cross small dry creek
0.13r  (in distance: California corn lily, Veratrum californicum var. californicum)
0.13r  Jct. campsite trail
0.14r  (little-leaf mock orange, Philadelphus microphyllus)
0.18l  (green-leaf manzanita, Arctostaphylos patula)
0.20l10spmystery sedgeCarex sp.10 / 3 
0.20r  (bitter cherry, Prunus emarginata)
0.23l  Jct. campsite trail
0.26r  Jct. campsite trail
0.27l  (San Bernardino rubber rabbitbrush, Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. bernardinus)
0.28l11 pine lousewortPedicularis semibarbata3 / 317
0.32l12 San Bernardino rubber rabbitbrushChrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. bernardinus10 / 229
0.33b13 San Jacinto lupineLupinus hyacinthinus20 / 514
0.33l14~San Gabriel beardtonguePenstemon labrosus20 / 313
0.33l15sppopcorn flowerCryptantha sp.2 / 1 
0.34l  Jct. use trail; cross ridge and enter Tamarack Valley
0.35r16spgroundsmokeGayophytum sp.10 / 1 
0.38l  Jct. campsite trail
0.38b17sprockcress or wallflowerArabis sp. or Erysimum capitatum10 / 2 
0.45l18 yarrowAchillea millefolium10 / 122
0.48r19 western columbineAquilegia formosa1 / 112
0.48l  Check for San Jacinto buckwheat, Eriogonum apiculatum
0.49r  Jct. campsite trail
0.49r  (Fendler's meadow-rue, Thalictrum fendleri var. fendleri)
0.50   Cross Tamarack Valley Creek
0.50l20 slender hairgrassDeschampsia elongata10 / 110
0.50l21 larger mountain monkeyflowerMimulus tilingii10 / 112
0.50l sp(purslane speedwell?, Veronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis?; clover, Trifolium sp.)
0.50b  (ranger's buttons, Sphenosciadium capitellatum)
0.50r  pearlwortSagina saginoides /  
0.50r ssp(bracken, Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens; willowherb, Epilobium ciliatum; wax currant, Ribes cereum var. cereum; Nevada cinquefoil, Potentilla glandulosa ssp. nevadensis)
0.52l  Jct. campsite trail
0.52l  Sign: "Tamarack Valley, Elevation 9120 feet"; elevation is actually 9000 feet (2743 m); 9120 feet is a bit below the location upstream of the old trail
0.53l  Jct. campsite trail
0.55r  Jct. campsite trail
0.56l ~(plain mariposa lily, Calochortus invenustus)
0.60l  (closer wax currant, Ribes cereum var. cereum)
0.64   End trail at signed campsite "quartz"; elevation 9000 feet (2743 m)

Mile: 0.00 includes all mileages from 0.000 to 0.009; etc.
S: Side of trail on which the first occurrence is found: left, right, both, or center
#: On-Trail species are numbered in order of first occurrence on trail (touchable without leaving the trail). Off-trail species are in parentheses.

id?: Species without an entry in this column are positively identified. "?" means we are just guessing the identification; "sp" means the genera is probably known, but the species name is uncertain; "~" means we have 95% confidence that this is the determination, but have not yet positively identified it; "ssp" means the subspecies or variety needs to be determined.
#here gives the minimum number of on-trail plants of this species on this trail, with the number of locations on this trail following the /, using maximum values of 99/9. 1/1 means a single plant in a single location; 10/9 means 10 plants occurring in at least 9 locations, etc.
#all gives the number of plant trail guides, from all over southern California, that contain this taxon.
Updated 24 August 2007.