Changes to Lower Eaton Canyon, San Gabriel Mts Flora: A Checklist of the Vascular Plants by Bob Muns

This page lists all the changes we made to Bob Muns original printed list to produce the updated list.

Name Changes

These are the names changed to conform to those of the Jepson Manual.

Older NameJepson Manual Name
Baccharis glutinosaBaccharis salicifolia
Brassica geniculataHirschfeldia incana
Bromus mollisBromus hordeaceus
Bromus rubensBromus madritensis ssp. rubens
Castilleja stenanthaCastilleja minor ssp. spiralis
Cheilanthes californicaAspidotus californica
Chrysopsis villosaHeterotheca sessiliflora
Cirsium californicumCirsium occidentale var. californicum
Cirsium occidentaleCirsium occidentale var. occidentale
Corethrogyne filaginifoliaLessingia filaginifolia
Crassula erectaCrassula connata
Dichelostemma pulchellaDichelostemma capitatum
Eclipta albaEclipta prostrata
Elymus condensatusLeymus condensatus
Epilobium adenocaulonEpilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatum
Gnaphalium microcephalumGnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalum
Haplopappus parishiiEricameria parishii
Haplopappus pinifoliusEricameria pinifolia
Lathyrus laetiflorusLathyrus vestitus var. vestitus
Lotus subpinnatusLotus wrangelianus
Mimulus longiflorusMimulus aurantiacus
Oenothera hookeriOenothera elata
Orthocarpus purpurascensCastilleja exserta
Oryzopsis miliaceaPiptatherum miliaceum
Parietaria floridanaParietaria hespera
Populus trichocarpaPopulus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa
Quercus dumosaQuercus berberidifolia
Rhus laurinaMalosma laurina
Salix hindsianaSalix exigua
Salsola ibericaSalsola tragus
Senecio douglasiiSenecio flaccidus var. douglasii
Urtica holosericeaUrtica dioica ssp. holosericea
Zauschneria canaEpilobium canum ssp. canum

The list is given in alphabetical order by old name so that the table can be more easily used as a reference in updating older names. We will eventually compile all of these changes into a single table, since the Jepson Manual does not list names used in A Flora of Southern California by Philip A. Munz. (The Jepson Manual does list the names in his A California Flora.)

In addition, whenever the species name as given in the Jepson Manual contains the subspecies name as well, we have added that subspecies name in the flora.

Native / Non-Native Designation Corrections

We corrected the following species to properly indicate their status:

Eclipta prostrata*Eclipta prostrata
Sagina apetala*Sagina apetala
*Eucalyptus sp.Eucalyptus sp.
Gilia tricolor*Gilia tricolor
Galium aparine*Galium aparine
*Agave americanaAgave americana
*Vulpia sp.Vulpia sp.

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