Email To Kripke About The Errors Of His Website

Subject: your napalm site
   Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 19:31:04 -0800
   From: Tom Chester 

while i thought your site was amusing when i first saw it,
and even listed it on my page of fallbrook links, i changed my
mind after i got an email from someone who was very worried
about moving to fallbrook as a result of your page.  when i
checked it again, i found that you are now spreading rumours
of a cancer cluster in fallbrook, which is extremely irresponsible
of you.  therefore i have written a page pointing out all the errors
in your page, which you can find at:

Napalm at the Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station

furthermore, as i stated in the page, i will link any reply you care to
make on my page, so that readers can judge for themselves whether
you can support any of the statements you make against my
criticism of them.

please think carefully about the effects your careless charges have
on the citizens of Fallbrook.  No one deserves to have such groundless
aspersions cast about recklessly, making people worry about their safety,
just to further your political objectives.

Finally, think about those people that do get cancer **not caused** in
any way by the napalm.  your page has now caused them to wonder
if they got it from the napalm and worse, they are now worried about
their family and friends.  all needless fears caused by your base use
of this as an issue against politicians of the other party.

this is not an example of politics at its finest.

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